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A green approach to Apple products

At reApp we specialise in recycling and refurbishing used Apple products. We collect the majority of our stock from small to medium-sized businesses, but we also handle end-of-line, surplus and liquidated Apple products, including accessories and component parts.

Data security is of extreme importance to our customers and we have rigorous safeguards in place for your complete peace of mind. All data is destroyed by our accredited software, leaving nothing to chance.

The future of your products
We refurbish products where possible, or strip the systems of useful components and parts and put them back into homes and businesses. And because each product is disassembled by hand, any unusable parts can be carefully set aside to be recycled in accordance with UK Government regulations. We also break down older equipment that has no resale value to comply with a recent EU directive governing e-waste, at no cost to our customers.

No e-waste from reApp goes to landfill and we have two regulated recycling companies that specialise scrap metal who collect our material when absolutely necessary (we're happy to provide their details on request). We also have an Environmental Waste Carrier Licence issued by the Environment Agency which means we’re registered to carry our own waste, while taking full responsibility for its disposal.

Our minimal repackaging and low-carbon transport fleet also help us keep our impact on the environment as low as possible.


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