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How reApp works with you

reApp can guarantee you money for your unwanted Apple products – whether they're used, damaged or broken.

We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we've formed with our customers, and we deal with individuals and businesses of all sizes, in all industries. We have an equally good network of buyers, based both in the UK and throughout the world. They enable us to offer competitive prices for your items, and we can advise on the sought-after products.

And with the money we can offer for your products, you could increase your IT budget and invest in updated systems and software.

  • Quick, competitive quotes
  • Secure data removal
  • Environmentally positive
What happens next?
With 7 simple steps your items are replaced with money for your business:

1. Fill in our contact form, providing as many details as possible
2. We'll call and arrange a site visit as soon as is convenient
3. If you're happy for us to do so, we'll remove your products for assessment
4. If you're having new equipment delivered we can liaise with the installation company and remove all the old equipment at the same time - we can even remove all the new packaging to minimise disruption
5. We provide a basic summary list via email at point of collection
6. We test all the products within 24hrs and supply you with a quote
7. If you'd like to go ahead, we provide a final detailed inventory list and data destruction certificates, all within 48 hrs


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