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Your data couldn't be safer

It's become the norm for us to upgrade and replace our electronic equipment frequently as the latest generation of computers, printers, scanners and phones is released. Items also stop working or malfunction, and there's little emphasis, or instruction, on how to repair or recycle unwanted equipment.

Our approach to electronic equipment recycling offers our customers complete peace of mind, and as we only deal with models that have previously been used, we're experts at data disposal. All equipment is either refurbished by our computer technicians or dismantled for spares or recycling. Any data on the hard drive of a computer, or other device, is securely destroyed to Ministry Of Defence standards and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We Use Approved Methods
We use Blancco software – a leading hard disk utility that's fully verified by the UK Government.

We can also carry out hard drive destruction, where the hard drive of an Apple computer is removed, taken apart and rendered totally unreadable and unusable.


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