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Why do we specialise in Apple products?

50% of an Apple product's carbon footprint comes from manufacturing and shipping and they're designed efficiently, with the environment in mind. It makes sense from an environmental perspective to prolong their product life, rather than disposing of them if they break or become outdated.

Here are some more reasons why we choose to recycle Apple products:

  • Apple products are powered by efficient batteries that are designed to last. A MacBook Pro battery can be charged up to three times more than a conventional laptop battery.
  • Their products are free from environmental pollutants including lead, PVC, BFR, mercury and arsenic.
  • Because Apple design both the hardware and the operating system, they're able to make sure they work together to conserve power.
  • Their Mac mini uses as little as one sixth the power consumed by a typical lightbulb – making it the most energy-efficient desktop computer they've made to date.

All Apple-related facts and figures are taken from:


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