How Reapp Analytics saves Innocent Drinks valuable time on Reporting

Innocent Smoothies


The Challenge

Innocent was accessing and analysing sales, availability, and stock data through various retailer portals. This resulted in time delays in discussions with buyers and hindered adjustments to supply and promotional planning.

The solution

Reapp Analytics consolidated data from retailer portals into user-friendly dashboards in one location

These dashboards allowed easy access and were downloadable into workable documents, enabling the commercial team to make informed decisions quickly

The outcomes

Significant Time Savings: Report pulling and conversion took 45 to 60 minutes on average – now takes only 2 minutes.

Rapid Issue Identification and Action: Reports are generated swiftly, enabling the identification of issues and prompt communication with buyers.

Real-time Data Alignment: Real-time, accurate data ensures decision-making on supply and promotional performance is faster and more credible –  aligning 100% with the retailer.

Reapp takes away the pain of navigating through retailer portals and allows me and the team to get the answers we are looking for and complete tasks at an unprecedented pace. It has step changed how we interact operationally and really enhanced our ways of working.

Tom Cawson - Innocent Tesco Commercial Manager & Grocery Field Sales Lead


Case study


ROI increased from £5.48 to £6.52

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