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We’ve developed a suite of bespoke, cutting edge software apps that will empower brands and retailers to smash their sales targets. We do it by gathering data from a wide-range of sources and then simplifying that information into decisive sales actions at the shelf edge.

Our Flexible Dashboard

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Our flexible dashboards can be completely customised to meet your unique requirements – making Reapp the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution brands need and come to love. 

With an intuitive question and answer interface, it’s easy to monitor distinguishing features when it comes to your products, like logos or codes for example, but also highlight gaps in availability and distribution, wastage and much more.

You can even track competitor activity, from promotional pricing to marketing and packaging differentiation. Images are captured, processed by analysts and presented in your dashboard so that you have a laser-like insight into the current conditions and surroundings of the products that you’re interested in. 

And the stuff you don’t? It’s gone with a click, thanks to bespoke dashboards and information hubs tailored to your brand.

Reapp is the ultimate tool when it comes to agile, custom reports that make incredible differences – from the top-line all the way to the shopfloor.


Our products

Products analytics


Analytics is the brain of Reapp. Use Insight to harvest data from all sources, and view all that crucial retailer data in a suite of powerful, comprehensive dashboards. Share across your board with a click, or access those numbers at any time, any place with a feature-packed report. Ready for action? Spotlight delivers them through our bespoke software so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field to deliver real results. With buildable reports for bespoke analysis, track granular data down to store and product level with a single click. Clever, right?

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Our products

Products performance

Accurate and actionable insights

Tap into leading image recognition technology with Vision, or supercharge your processes with Allocate to send prioritised actions to field teams regardless of location and size. Our Performance suite keeps you ahead of the game, with Order allowing your teams to replenish stock while on the job, keeping everything tickety-boo - even while you’re on the clock.

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Our products

Products rewards

Understandable and usable data

We reward consumers and brands, with dedicated platforms that empower you with piping-hot data for cucumber-cool relationship building. For brands, our cutting-edge promotional software collects data direct from the retailer, giving you real-time insights into what products your customers are buying, where from and how. And for your consumers, build the perfect loyalty program (while capturing first party data) to keep those good vibes goin’.

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Reapp For brands

We’ll keep you ahead of the field

Reapp’s joined-up suite of apps, tech and software, combined with our ability to turn data into powerful predictive insights, means we can deliver incredibly rich data on the things that keep you awake at night, giving your brand the power to drill down exactly where it counts. And we do it blazingly fast, incredibly accurately and at scale. To do this we use much more than EPOS to track your brand’s success. In fact we harvest humongous amounts of different data to provide the most accurate insights you’ve ever seen.

Reapp For retail

We’ll keep you in the know

When you’re in retail, we know that you’re always trying to balance the high demands of brilliant brands with the necessity of not holding too much stock. Reapp and the powerful insights our suite of apps can deliver will empower you to make informed decisions that result in better sales, reduced waste, and intelligent stock holding, which all creates a more balanced symbiotic relationship between brand and retailer. 

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What are retail insights and analytics?

When it comes to electrifying your retail performance, Reapp is able to take detailed analysis that can provide any brand – from the biggest retailers to the small and mighty – with valuable insights. 

In a nutshell, retail insights and analytics are the technical equivalent of holding up a magnifying glass and finding all sorts of juicy details on customer demand, inventory, retail sales and sales performance, and much more. 

All of these insights are particularly handy in helping you make big decisions – especially ones that will form the course of operations and other crucial business processes moving forward.

But it’s not just a chosen field that analytics can comb through. 

Using billions of data units harvested fresh from multiple sources across one – or even multiple – retailers, Reapp paints a reliable picture of shopper behaviour, your brand health, and what is needed to boost sales.

In all, retail analytics is the nuts and bolts that make businesses and brands great. 

It helps them make informed decisions that get products flying off the shelves, improve their customer service and even speed up how things are run internally – and who doesn’t love more time? 

Why are retail data analytics important?

Even if you have decades of industry experience, it’s not enough to rest on your laurels. 

Modern retailers need a deep understanding of consumer behaviours and how they impact their presence in-store – something that retail analytics can provide in spades. 

Customers are all about getting their products quickly and easily, which can easily be delayed by any number of issues such as availability, compliance, and even losses in store. 

Analytics can help you pinpoint exactly where these things are cropping up, giving you invaluable insight and, most crucially, time to pivot operations and stop pesky problems in their tracks. 

These results aren’t just limited to in-store actions, though. 

Data sent straight to your dedicated Reapp dashboard can also be used to craft advertising campaigns and promotional materials that speak directly to your audience, thanks to insights that keep your brand on the consumer pulse. 

Where relevance is everything – especially in an ultra-competitive market – you will be able to make bold actions that give your consumers everything they want.

Sometimes before they even know it, thanks to predictive analytics. Spooky. 

How can retailers use data analytics?

When you need to get the most out of your inventory or want optimised pointers that can invigorate your procurement, data analytics for brands form one of the key components of retailer ecosystems. 

Using the predictive capabilities of analytics tools, your brand can harness data from the past, present, and even future – drawing on current industry trends, consumer interests, and historical purchases. 

With these numbers at your disposal, you can quickly determine which products are going to get your consumers talking, helping to supercharge ordering processes by providing tangible direction. 

A bit like a to-do list, but jazzier.

This is a great way of smoothing out the possibility of over-ordering or being left with leftover products, as your quantities no longer have to be informed by your order history.

Analytics can also provide competitive insights on what other brands in your fields are doing, giving you crystal-clear pointers as to how their promotional pricing and even overall marketing is faring. 

You’ll be able to use these details how you see fit, giving you a heads up on concepts that are really flying with your target demographic and are actively improving their customer experiences – or the chance to dodge what’s not working.

In a nutshell, our data solutions allow you to position your brand on reliable statistics and reports, giving you the power to shape activity that will get proven results. 

Think of analytics as a one-stop way of reducing waste – especially when it comes to time, money, empty spaces, and leftover stock. 

It’s the ultimate clutter-buster.

What is retail customer experience?

They say the customer is always right. 

So making sure your retail presence knows how to cater to your target demographic is the bread and butter for brands big and small, also known as the customer experience.

From the moment your customers set foot in a retailer that stocks your products, you have a window of opportunity to wow them with your brand. This winding ‘journey’  through the aisles right through to the checkout is everything the consumer ‘experiences’ in a shop – which is where field sales solutions and retail analytics do their best work.  

We can source data from a number of touchpoints throughout the store, from EPOS units to the actual shelves your customers interact with, helping brands get a sense of which marketing materials or planograms are working.

And why is the customer experience so important?

Obviously, your brand will constantly be putting its thinking cap on and dreaming up new and exciting products and ways to get your customers talking about your offering. 

Every inch of your in-store strategy will be built to improve your customer’s experience, from how accessible your product is to components such as pricing and promotions. Using in-depth analysis taken from across your store, you can start working on creating fantastic customer experiences that will help your brand go from strength to strength. 

As well as revenue growth, making your product journey smooth and seamless is great for cultivating what money can’t buy… AKA, the really good stuff. 

Positive customer experiences stoke brand loyalty and advocacy, helping you spread the word about your products while retaining reliable consumers. 

In a market where the customer holds all the power – especially when they have the option to be really choosy as to where their hard-earned cash goes – all of your decisions should consider their journey. 

How can Reapp help you get the most out of your customer data?

Analytics makes the world go round.

Well, that’s technically gravity.

But when it comes to making customers happy for brands and their partner retailers, these streams of numbers certainly hold sway.

At Reapp, our software uses cutting-edge technology and customisable reporting methods to give you an eagle-eyed view of what’s going on in one, or all, of your chosen stores. With up to 150,000 rows of data at your fingertips, you can create, collate and customise dashboards in one handy place – building dynamic visualisations that go the extra mile.

From actionable insights that allow you to send in helpful field teams at the push of a button to complete retail health metrics, you can pinpoint opportunities for growth or quickly reposition activity that isn’t working. 

Sound like your kind of thing? 

Treat yourself to a demo and discover how Reapp can help you get the most out of your data. 

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