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Reapp is the app for retail! Created by Dee Set Group, Reapp is a one-stop tech product that gives you the exact information you need to supercharge and streamline your marketing efforts.

Real insights for brands

We use much more than EPOS to track your brand’s success. In fact we harvest huge amounts of different data to provide the most accurate insights you’ve ever seen.

Real intelligence for retail

Because retail is all about the detail, our data insights will enable you to hold exactly the stock you need to hit the sales figures you want!

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How it works

1. Fully Stocked

It goes without saying that we know you want to see your product fully stocked and available on the shelf. [But we’ll say it anyway!]

2. Analysis = Actions

Analysis! That’s what sets Reapp apart. We use clever tech distilled into smarter tools to drill down and analyse quality data, create time-saving reports and deploy automated, actionable insights.

3. Increased Sales

All of our hard work behind the scenes results in more of your product on the shelves! When Reapp’s suite of tools works together, you reap increased sales and greater ROI – with just a few clicks.

See what we did there? Smart wordplay = even smarter tools.

Our Products

Real tech. Real data. Real easy!

We’ve developed a suite of bespoke, cutting-edge tools that empower brands and retailers to smash their sales targets. Use ‘em all or pick and mix to finetune your processes, with top-level data gathering from a wide-range of sources, made simple with straightforward and intuitive dashboards.


Analytics is the brain of Reapp. Use Insight to harvest data from all sources, and view all that crucial retailer data in a suite of powerful, comprehensive dashboards. Share across your board with a click, or access those numbers at any time, any place with a feature-packed report. Ready for action? Spotlight delivers them through our bespoke software so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field to deliver real results. With buildable reports for bespoke analysis, track granular data down to store and product level with a single click. Clever, right?

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Tap into leading image recognition technology with Vision, or supercharge your processes with Allocate to send prioritised actions to field teams regardless of location and size. Our Performance suite keeps you ahead of the game, with Order allowing your teams to replenish stock while on the job, keeping everything tickety-boo - even while you’re on the clock.

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We reward consumers and brands, with dedicated platforms that empower you with piping-hot data for cucumber-cool relationship building. For brands, our cutting-edge promotional software collects data direct from the retailer, giving you real-time insights into what products your customers are buying, where from and how. And for your consumers, build the perfect loyalty program (while capturing first party data) to keep those good vibes goin’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reapp?

Great business decisions are built on great data. And great data is sourced by Reapp.

Put simply, Reapp is a suite of intelligent analysis software and tools designed to help businesses score sales and better manage stock. Reapp Analytics – Insight and Spotlight – create quick and easy automated reports, made direct from fresh data, to help craft actionable insights that not only revolutionise – but reward – users. 

More on that later.

Created by a team who live, breathe and practically dream retail analytics solutions (it’s a whole thing), Reapp is a fusion of bespoke software, innovative technology, and industry smarts – all working together to produce award-winning results for our clients. 

The Reapp retail analytics platform provides sales and stock insights in a matter of seconds, thanks to a suite of unique software apps that create at-a-glance reports and dashboards with a click. You can even build your own reporting sections, customising by branch number, waste, product and more – allowing you to drill deep into the data that matters most to you.

This gives you the ultimate edge when it comes to igniting your business strategy, streamlining inventory management, and planning – or even reactively pivoting – in-store marketing campaigns. 

However you use data in retail, make sure you Reapp the benefits. 

Sound good? We think so too. 

Book a demo with our friendly team today.



How can Reapp help you?

Essentially, Reapp is a clever piece of tech that uses advanced data analytics to understand, predict and exemplify where brands can optimise products in-store. 

It also lets you know what needs to be done in order to bring in future sales. Supporting businesses across the UK, Reapp – especially Spotlight – is your helpful shop floor assistant – one designed to pinpoint precise ways to maximise your ROI performance. 

Reapp whips up these accurate predictions by squeezing data and crunching numbers from various points across the retail environment. 

From EPOS to product range availability and visibility, store compliance to shelf share, we put brands at the focus of our industry-leading tools, creating instant reports and dashboards that can be customised to fit your output.

In the dark ages (when Reapp was just a twinkle in our developer’s eye), you’d need multiple streams of investigation to help you see exactly what was going on in your stores.

As with any retail analysis, you’d have to work quickly with these numbers, before new customer trends or wider market movements would make their mark. 

Stale data and indecipherable reports? We’re smarter than that. We’ve got Insight.

Reapp combines astonishing efficiency with insights brought to you in real time. 

Brands can see what is fuelling consumer demand, where they are buying products from, and what they are buying them with – giving you crucial knowledge when it comes to building relationships with your retailers and improving customer satisfaction. 

Haven’t you heard? Basket abandonment is a thing of the past with Reapp. 

Explore how our game-changing analytical tools can help you elevate your offering in the world of FMCG. 

What is retail analytics?

In short, retail analytics (or retail data analytics) is a method of providing brands with valuable insights that can be used to optimise almost every level of their in-store operations. These insights include: 

  • Consumer behaviour and demand 
  • Supply chain movement 
  • Inventory levels 
  • Historical sales

And plenty more. 

Using a variety of sources, such as electronic points of sale (EPOS), shelf space, planogram compliance and promotional materials, this data can then be processed into interactive reports and field team actions, thanks to Allocate – showing whichever form of analytics you’d like to focus on. 

In terms of advanced analytics, there are a few types that are used within the industry to take a closer look at how customers interact with your products.

Descriptive Analytics

The most common kind of retail data analytics, these numbers tell us exactly what’s happening under your brand’s nose. This organises raw data from multiple places (such as EPOS, ERPs, OMS and inventory monitoring programs) to create insights of shopping activity both past and present. 

Diagnostic Analytics

If you’ve got a why, diagnostic analytics will help you drill deep and find it. 

Using the same source data, this type of analysis requires number-crunching algorithms and clever AI in order to figure out what is causing ripples in your chosen area of focus. 

As such, diagnostic analytics is also used to search, spot and address problems as and when they happen, thanks to clever pre-set rules and parameters within the programming.  

Predictive Analytics

Sometimes you feel like you need a crystal ball. Predictive analytics can help with that. 

As the second most advanced retail analytics solution (the first being Prescriptive), these predictions come from data found by diagnostic and descriptive analytics. 

After all, to understand what’s happening next, our technology has to get a strong understanding of what has already happened – and, most importantly, what caused it.

From there, it can then detect exceptions and causations, accurately collating predictions and trends that can give brands the upper hand against competitors. 

Prescriptive Analytics

If we’ve covered past, present and future, the only thing left is prescriptive. 

This type of analytics – also known as the most advanced kind out there – effectively advises brands on what to do next to get the most out of their field sales solutions and maximise their investments. 

This system aims to determine, then follow, the best possible future outcome by running simulations on a number of conditions. We can also use algorithmic AI, tailored for brands and products, to create effective results through mathematical considerations. 

In the same vein, we can also utilise cutting-edge machine learning programs and software to successfully identify clusters and actions that lead to an increase in customer conversion – so you get the best of a multitude of possible worlds. 

At Reapp, we combine them all to produce reports that leave no shelf untouched.

The analytics we produce allows us to combine award-winning human insights, electrified with technology that lets us put hundreds of thousands of data units right at your fingertips.

As well as real-time insights, we give brands the power to react to results, saving precious time, energy and money when it comes to replenishing stock and smoothing your process.

How does Reapp Performance, Rewards and Analytics work?

Some things work better together. 

That’s why we created Reapp, a suite of truly industry-leading and innovative tools that work to produce automated data reports, actions and in-built allocation – saving you time and braincells. 

Cool, right? 

Our Performance software uses the information produced by Reapp Analytics to create valuable actionable insights that are instantly sent to field sales teams on the ground through our lightning-quick Reapp app. These are known as data alerts.

We then use industry-leading AI technology and image recognition software to identify problems in compliance or gaps in stock levels – all through a single snap.

Performance then feeds back all this delicious data – sourced straight from the shelf – to Reapp Analytics. 

These numbers are quickly processed and pressed into an easy-to-use dashboard, so you can quickly hone in on the areas you want to focus on. 

Want to focus on a particular product? Easy. Perhaps your scope is in a chosen store? No problem. 

With Reapp Analytics, you get a complete retail date solution that streamlines your results. 

After all, it makes sense to work smarter, not harder. 

Boost your Business Performance 

But why not let the numbers do the talking? 

Reapp Performance provides brands with actionable points built on true-to-life data, collating them into easy to understand reports.

Using image recognition technology, this delicious data is sourced straight from the shelf. It’s then cross referenced with the images we’ve snapped by Vision, letting field team members know exactly what it should be saying – and what to do if it isn’t. 

To give you a full scope of what Reapp Performance can do, put it in the spotlight by calculating your return on investment through our handy calculator. 

Got top-level metrics? We’ve got top-quality insights just waiting for you.


Reapp the Rewards

Reapp Rewards gives you a complete brands-eye view on what retailers are purchasing, using cutting-edge image recognition technology to put your chosen products in the picture. Literally. 

Reapp Rewards creates a complete view of the product journey, from initial distribution to retailer habits and practices, giving you valuable insights that can strengthen your working relationships.  

That also includes the chance to build the perfect loyalty program for your consumers, while harvesting tasty first party data, to keep customers and insights sweet.

With Reapp, you can log on to your bespoke dashboard and access these results at any time.

Now isn’t that rewarding?

How do retailers use big data?

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but when the results are this good… you need the whole brass band. 

Reapp has helped some of the biggest brand names achieve amazing results. 

From boosting ROI for Quorn to growing overall retail sales value for Unilever, we are able to intervene exactly where you need us. 

But with big brands comes even bigger data. 

We have the tools to streamline these numbers and tailor them to meet your marketing goals and ROI aims, giving you crystal-clear reports that make perfect sense.

Whatever your area of scope, Reapp Performance, Analytics and Rewards can help bring it into focus. Like a magnifying glass. Or your nan’s reading glasses. 

Find out more about how Reapp has been working its magic in the real world, here.

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