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Retailer data is made easy with our suite of powerful, comprehensive dashboards – otherwise known as Insight.

Our bespoke, cutting-edge analytics software allows you to make the right choices for your brand, utilising a data-driven approach to boost your sales.

It’s not about simple guesswork anymore: it’s about cold, hard facts. Ready to get to grips with Insight?


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Is your brand operating at peak performance?

When using Insight, brands have never had this much visibility over what’s going on with their products in-store. Whether you’re reviewing your supply chains or you want to understand your product performance at the shelf edge, we have you covered. Want to find out more?


Harness the power of data with Insight

Insight is one of our most exciting retail products, giving brands and businesses all the information they need to become kings of the retail arena.

Our comprehensive suite of dashboards gives you all the data you could ever need, contained in one tiny package! Now, you can really predict the future, gaining razor-sharp retail data insights into future trend predictions and demand forecasts. Every report is fully customisable, creating the perfect solution for your business needs. 

Insight offers a range of FMCG-specific features, including advanced EPOS analysis that tracks stock journeys between stores and depots. This factor equips brands with the tools to proactively identify products at risk and mitigate potential problems head on, allowing for seamless assessment of product performance across the board.

However, the list of features doesn’t end here:

• Gain instant access to real-time data connections with automated EPOS data – We connect with key UK retailers like Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA, Co-op, and Sainsbury’s.

• Embrace the future of tech with Insight’s advanced AI capabilities – Predict shifting trends and future changes with Insight, based on historical data from up to two years ago.

• Capitalise on homogenous data in Insight’s easy-to-read, web-based dashboards – Your data can be accessed on the go using any device, ensuring fast lead times and turnarounds.

• Discover innovative, expert-led insights that can maximise your performance in a matter of seconds – With our tailored insights, you can make powerful data-driven decisions that boost your ROI in no time.


Unlock new growth potential with Reapp

With Insight, unlock untapped growth potential for your brand. Your business operations can be streamlined, whilst also delivering significant productivity and cost-saving benefits to your company. Let’s find out how:

  • Our cutting-edge AI capability empowers you to answer key questions with precision – As any good business knows, time is of the essence. You can get answers to frequently asked questions, maximise performance, and boost your sales without a hitch.
  • Increase productivity across commercial and supply teams – Your brand is only as good as your employees. With Insight, you can ensure everyone is a team player, centralising your business data whilst also saving time collating and measuring data for your team.
  • Maximise growth and ROI across retailer activities – There’s no need to get bogged down in messy, hard-to-read reports. Instead, Insight’s actionable dashboards provide clear actions and instructions to maximise the growth of your retail activities.
  • Complete end-to-end insights – Data-driven insights are provided across the entire product journey, setting you up for success in no time.

We understand FMCG - that helps us help you!

Backed by decades of experience working closely with FMCG brands and retailers, we’ve crafted our innovative Insight solution to ensure you always find the answers you need with confidence. 

Our vast experience with FMCG brands across the retail spectrum means we have the expertise to take your business to the next level. With pinpoint precision, our data analytics solutions can be customised, allowing you to tailor Insight to your unique performance goals.


Brands can’t get enough of Insight!

Innocent is a brand that should need no introduction. Before working with us, Innocent faced significant time delays and operational disruptions due to their use of multiple retailer portals. Not only did this disrupt buyer discussions, but it also hindered much-needed adjustments to their supply chain and promotional planning objectives. 

Reapp stepped in to help, transforming the Innocent brand for the better with our comprehensive dashboard suite. Instead of juggling various retailer portals, Innocent was able to consolidate its data into Insight’s advanced reporting dashboards, creating a single accessible hub.

Our dashboards are user-friendly and effortless to use, with the capacity to download actionable reports and transform them into workable documents. Since working with Reapp, Innocent has significantly bolstered their business, enabling its commercial team to make informed decisions on the fly.

The results? Let’s take a look…

  • Significant time savings – Report pulling and conversions used to take, on average, between 45 and 60 minutes. Now, that time has been reduced to just two minutes in total!
  • Real-time data alignment – The real-time, accurate data provided by Insight ensures that decision-making on supply and promotional performance is much faster and more credible – aligning 100% with the ethos of the retailer.
  • Rapid issue identification and action – Reports are generated swiftly, enabling fast identification of issues and prompt communication with buyers.



Don’t just take our word for it though - see what Tom Cawson, Innocent’s former Tesco Commercial Manager, has to say about Insight:

"Insight takes away the pain of navigating through retailer portals and allows me and the team to get the answers we are looking for and complete tasks at an unprecedented pace. It has step changed how we interact operationally and really enhanced our ways of working."



When making big business decisions, it’s normal to have some questions. At Reapp, we want to make the process as simple as possible for you, so you can make the right decision for your brand.

If you find you still have some burning questions that aren’t answered here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Is there a limit on the number of SKU's I can load?

The good news is that there is no limit on the number of SKUs you can load within Insight. We offer a bespoke service, and our pricing is scalable based on your SKU count, starting at £750 per month.

You can also request a free availability report and product audit.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us to get a quote based on your needs.

How many users can I have on Insight?

Like our other high-tech offerings, Insight is completely scalable to suit your field team. However, many users you want to include within your Insight database is up to you – just let us know and we’ll make the arrangements.

Get in touch with us today if you have any additional requirements.

What retailers do you connect with?

At the moment, we currently connect with ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and Co-op. 

Our data refreshes whenever the retailer pushes new data out, so you can guarantee it’s as up to date as possible. We even have a status page to give you a clear view of each data stream when it’s refreshed.

Why is Insight so important for my brand?

In the fast-paced, modern world of retail, ensuring your brand is at peak performance is a must. However, with so much information out there, narrowing your data down into easily digestible, bite-sized chunks can be a challenge.

This is where Insight comes in. Instead of dealing with multiple retailer portals, masses of EPOS data and all the other tasks that come with running a retail business, you can combine your assets into our extensive dashboard suite.

Instead of spending hours searching for relevant data, our tech automatically collates the necessary information for you. Next, we use our clever algorithms to analyse the data and provide impactful insights. Instant reports can then be delivered to your door, empowering you to implement the recommended actions in no time.

Not only does Insight provide useful data about shopper behaviour, your supply chain, stock levels, and your in-store journey, but it also lets you allocate your time to other, more important tasks. 

Navigating the retail world has never been easier!

What other tech solutions are available?

At Reapp, we’re not just a one-stop shop. Our remit extends across the entirety of the retail spectrum, providing a full suite of services to ensure maximum success for your brand.

Insight is just one part of our Analytics offering, with Spotlight being its handy twin brother. Spotlight is the ultimate data tool, providing a whole host of actionable insights that can enhance the work of your field marketing team. It’s specifically designed for use by your in-store workers, enabling them to easily track performance and make much-needed changes in real time.

When combining Insight and Spotlight, you get the full package – a unique analytics powerhouse like no other. 

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. 

If you’re big on rewards and promotions, our Reapp Rewards solution is perfect for you. Containing two cutting-edge tools, Retail Rewards and Consumer Rewards, this unique platform collects data directly from retailers. Once the data has been analysed, you can use it to create powerful promotional campaigns and offers, sure to bolster your sales.

We also have our enhanced Reapp Performance platform, giving you razor-sharp insights into your sales, your stock, and the performance of your teams. Reapp Order empowers your field team to predict the future, so they can replenish and order stock long before it’s needed. With Reapp Allocate, you can effortlessly manage your workflows, incentivising your team with tasty job offers.

Reapp really is the full package!

Why choose Reapp for my brand?

At Reapp, we recognise that intelligent thinking should be at the heart of any modern brand or retailer. With our advanced tech products and innovative solutions, we empower businesses to get real results, transforming their status in no time. 

We’re dedicated to what we do, creating bespoke solutions that will supercharge the success of your business before you know it. We thrive on numbers and data, knowing the key to unlocking premium business opportunities to boost performance for all our clients. 

Our Analytics platform is made up of two fantastic tools – Insight and Spotlight. By harnessing our powerful tech, we can produce crucial insights into your business, pushing you to create accurate strategies with pinpoint precision. Any issues that crop up unexpectedly can be identified well in advance, so you can have solutions on standby before they’re even needed.

Sound good? Let’s get started.


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