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What’s better than a knock-your-socks-off product audit and availability report? A free one. 

Let us set the scene. Your brand’s product is in supermarkets, busy minding its own business on the shelf. Sure, there’s no harm in sitting pretty – but is it really being pushed to its full potential? 

At Reapp, we give brands full visibility on what’s going on shelf-side, with data solutions that revitalises your product offering. So if you’ve ever wondered if compliance is fully being adhered to in a certain store, or are looking to see what’s causing your SKUs to snag, we get real-life insights that translate into freshly squeezed, easily digestible data. Delicious.

These are then compiled into a super simple report that makes it easy to spot availability issues, making corrective actions crystal clear.

We can support product innovation efforts, direct interventions with stores of all sizes, and much more, helping to improve the effectiveness of processes so your stuff gets popped into baskets and whizzed to the checkout. Ker-ching. 

We’re the stuff great brands are made of.

Get started by inputting a few simple details, or by slinging us your email to sign up, and we’ll do the rest.


Case study


ROI increased from £5.48 to £6.52

Number-crunchers, problem-busters, and product-lovers. 

Mario and Luigi. Burger and chips. Bert and Ernie. Brands and Reapp. 

While we’re on the subject of iconic pairings, we think your products and our software are going to get along swell. 

Why? We hear you say. We’ve got no quibbles with what’s going on with our stuff shelf-side. 

No problem! We reply. But are you sure

At Reapp, we combine big brains with big tech. Our unmatched technical ability – working alongside impressive field sales solutions and analysis teams – works together in harmony to give you real-time insights, providing you with a clever snapshot of how SKUs are being handled in stores where your products are stocked. 

From here, we can filter out the guff and give you answers to all those burning questions, such as: 

  • Are there availability issues? 
  • Which products are being impacted?
  • Are these issues subject to retailers? 
  • Is there a control plan in place – and are they being adhered to?
  • And much much more. 

Think of us as the Q to your Bond. We’re helping you get eyes on the place before the real fun begins.

So whether you’ve got a problem in mind or simply want to do a quick MOT over a few stores, our tech can nip issues in the bud.

Our data is the dream solution for proactive brands who are looking to refine their offering and make sure any potential issues are stopped dead in their tracks, using billions of units condensed into a straightforward report.

It’s serious numbers made seriously simple.

Have we got your attention? Let’s dive into how we do it. 

So, what happens when I get an Availability Audit Report with Reapp? 

As a brand, we know you’ve probably got quality improvement projects coming out of your eyeballs. 

So when it comes to making sure your product offering is in tip-top shape and you’re faced with limitations in terms of time (and you can’t be in ten places at once) – that’s where our reports come in.

Our advanced analytics tools, including industry-leading image recognition software, makes light work of gleaning insights from SKUs and other vital units where your products are sold. 

Helmed by experienced analyst teams – with the optional assistance of field sales operatives are stationed within 10 miles of 97% of stores up and down the UK – we can help you get a sense of what’s really going on in one, or even fifty, retailers at the click of a button. 

To get started, we’ll just need a few details from you. 

(We’re good, but we’re not mind-readers!)

Simply fill in the form at the top of this page or enter your email and a member of our team will get in touch. 

Whether you’re looking to scout for prospective problems or would like to concentrate on how a particular product is doing, we can help fine-tune your search.

We can even focus on selected stores and retailers to help you build leverage, forming evidence that forms the backbone of super-strong reports that get things sorted, fast. 

Once you’ve set your scope, our teams go out into the world and make that magic happen. 

Our teams ask the questions that need answering, leaving no stone unturned, finding out what makes your product tick and if there are any availability issues on the shop floor, SKUs, or concentrating on a particular product itself. 

When your eyes are as good as ours, all you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for. We’ve got it covered. 

From here, we’ll crunch the numbers and break them down into handy stats, graphs, and figures, presented in a report straight from the fingertips of our analysis team. These visuals make it easy to spot where things are working well or where the availability process could be tweaked for the benefit of you and your customers, forming a cohesive report.

We’re all about demystifying and clarifying what’s happening right under your nose. 

Once you’ve combed through the good stuff (moustaches and beards not included) – you can then choose from a number of actionable follow-up activities that makes sure that any problems identified in our audit are being addressed. 

Think of us as super-sniffers when it comes to finding snags in your availability. Honestly, it’s all we think about – we’re like a dog with a bone. 

What are the golden rules of availability and performance audits?

If there’s a job worth doing, you should do it yourself. Unless that’s going from shop to shop, filtering billions of units of data, and collating them into a handy report that gives you blaring insights into what needs to be done, shouting, ‘we might have an issue here!’ 

In that case, you may as well have us do it. A good audit report is a huge investment of time, which is something we can certainly help with, allowing you to pay attention to more important things, like making a card tower or perfecting the perfect brew round for the office. 

When it comes to this kind of reporting, we’re dab hands at combining technical excellence with people who know how to delve deep within the data. It takes practice to do it as well as we do, but the proof is certainly in the pudding, with hundreds of brands turning to us to help them make sense of their shelves. 

Here’s a taste of how we do it. 

First, we identify what our goal is. Whether that’s looking between the lines and trying to spot discrepancies within availability planning or simply seeing if there’s enough stock to keep up with customer requirements, defining what we’re hunting for helps streamline the operation. 

Once we’re locked and loaded, so to speak, we can then begin to fine-tune our needs. Much like any good science experiment, data-collection is all about variable factors, so limiting yours will help define the numbers we’re scraping and make the whole thing a lot more useful. 

This also goes for picking which products you’d like to focus on. Now, we certainly have the capacity to do bigger sweeps, but if you’ve got concentrated concerns, we can help you zone in and see how they are being perceived in the wild world. 

As field sales whizzes, we use a solid understanding of consumer search behaviour, combined with the goals outlined earlier to help us scrape, distil and present factual data that answers all your questions and more. Once we set our audits live, we can turn around and present our findings quickly, giving you reactive results that form the basis of truly transformative strategies.


Still not convinced? Why not take a nosy at our impressive collection case studies? The proof of the pudding is in the viewing or something…

Why choose Reapp?

Other than our gorgeous smiles and winning personalities, Reapp is the field sales solution of the future. Lucky for you, it can be used by the brands of today, offering a brilliant piece of kit that uses advanced data analytics to understand, predict and exemplify where brands can optimise products in-store.

With Reapp, we crunch data from multiple points across the retail environment, plugging it into our advanced analytics tools to create actionable insights that make incredible improvements. to spot-checked products or entire ranges.

From EPOS to product range availability and visibility, store compliance to shelf share, we go above and beyond to produce tangible results from outstanding data points, turning what’s already on the shelf into cold, hard cash. It’s not just ABBA who loves money, money, money. 

Want to see how we can help your brand? Get in touch for a free availability audit and report today to Reapp the benefits. 


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