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Analytics is the brain of Reapp. By using our supersmart tools, Insight and Spotlight, to harvest data from super-rich sources, and delivering them through our bespoke software, we give brands actionable information for transformative results. 

That means real decisions, made in real time, delivering real results.


How it works

Analytics is the brain of Reapp

Smart thinking has to come from somewhere. That’s why our Analytics division is powered by two incredible tools, used as a conduit where all of the highest quality data poured in, digested – and then out of the other end comes super-distilled information and exact reports.

With Insights, it couldn’t be easier to see all your product data in a suite of powerful, comprehensive, and actionable dashboards. 

For those looking for on-the-ground action, Spotlight comes in clutch as the ultimate data tool built to empower your field teams to make decisions confidently – using freshly-crunched numbers for super accurate insights. 

From reactive intelligence to prescriptive insights, we can help your team predict issues long before they become problems and identify opportunities to maximise sales – cutting out the quibble that stops you making real change. 

It’s fast, it’s effective. It’s really rather good.

That’s Reapp Analytics, for you. 

Reapp: Insight

Powerful data made simple – through agile, actionable dashboards.

Insights by name and by nature. 

Our comprehensive dashboards make light work of heavy product data, giving you the power to drill down or zoom out on fully-customisable reports. View live performance analysis, or gaze into the future with AI-powered trend predictions or data-driven forecasts.

What’s more, all this can be condensed into bespoke web-based dashboards that can be shared with whoever, whenever, with just a click. 

Features, at a glance: 

  • Homogenised data in easy to read web-based dashboards
  • AI-powered trend predictions – based on up to 2 years historical data 
  • Expert-led, insights available to maximise performance 
  • Never go without your insights – access data anywhere, on any device. 
  • Live data connections to key UK retailers 
  • Automated EPOS from Tesco, Morrison’s ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op. 
  • Live performance analysis – or see into the future with our insight forecasting. 
  • Tailored insights, for  confident, data-driven decisions that maximise ROI. 
  • Create shareable, bespoke reports 

Reapp: Spotlight

Unlock growth potential, productivity and cost-saving insights with fresh data.

Our tools make it easy to pick and choose your focus to streamline your output, from monitoring distinguishing features in your brand’s offering, capturing end-to-end insights across your product’s journey, and centralised decision making fuelled by freshly squeezed data. 

You can even get quick answers to burning questions, giving you the max stats and facts at the touch of a button. Now that’s something worth shouting about.

Features, at a glance: 

  • AI Capability: Get answers to frequently asked questions, maximising performance… fast. 
  • Complete end-to-end insights: Depot-to-store data offers key insights across the product journey, setting you up for success. 
  • Maximize Growth and ROI: Actionable dashboards provide clear actions to maximise growth of retailer activities. 
  • Increase productivity: Centralise decision making and save time collating data across your commercial and supply teams.

What can Insights and Spotlight do for me?

Unrivalled investment and collaboration

We’ve invested over £10 million in our data and tech platforms over the last 5 years. This software can not be bought anywhere else. Like that famous retail saying “We don’t make products for anybody else!”

We’ve applied a mobile first strategy to create cutting edge solutions that require minimal customisation. This means you can be up and running quickly and really stealing a march on your competition.

Making complex data simple and easy for you

Reapp Analytics pulls data from wide-ranging sources before it is cleansed and analysed using AI, and bespoke algorithms within a Microsoft Snowflake environment.

All of this ‘tech talk’ translates to some very clear benefits: Reapp Analytics turns complex data into simple, actionable insights specific to your need, category, retailer or product. With just a few clicks, you can pinpoint issues and drill deep into the data, cutting out complicated requests and box-ticking to serve you the good stuff – no ifs, no buts.

Ensuring product availability always

Reapp Analytics means you can ensure stock levels are always maintained and that products are at easy reach. This is not just fundamental, it is essential for any brand or retailer with ambitions  to retain customer loyalty and boost sales potential. 

Reapp Analytics will improve your sales, availability and compliance by ensuring every decision you make is driven by data and crystal clear insights.

Prescriptive rather than reactive.

By taking data from EPOS, online, instore, local events, and even the weather, Reapp Analytics gives your instore teams a set of concrete actions to increase sales. We move beyond just historical data and harness the power of data insight to maximise opportunities ahead of time, or before any issues may occur. 

Rest assure, Reapp Analytics sorts out any problems with availability or compliance to give your teams personalised control over the numbers that matter the most.

Real retail.
Real detail.
Real advantage!

Analytics harvests data from many, many different sources to create the most well-rounded and detailed distillations and actions that will empower you, your team, your products. To give you an idea of how we do this, just some of our data sources are…

  • Retailer EPOS data
  • Crowdsourced distribution data – Ireland & UK Convenience
  • Data from colleagues in store
  • Image recognition and store images
  • Online data from websites
  • Consumer and Retailer loyalty platforms
  • Customer KPIs
  • Demographic and Census
  • Meta data sources, such as weather, key event, and travel information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Much like a giant juicer gurgling huge reams of data and filtering out only the best bits, our Analytics solution gives brands the juice to make smarter decisions. By taking data from touchpoints throughout your chosen stores, such as Electronic Points of Sale (EPOS), Reapp Analytics’ supertools will help you get the lowdown on actual sales performance quickly and effectively.

So when it comes to improving customer satisfaction and getting the most out of your brick-and-mortar stores, retail analytics acts as the ultimate de-mystifier.

So, what is the function of analytics for brands?

Although analytics in retail can be used to help a number of different aspects of business performance, the underlying function is pretty simple.

For your brand, analytical tools can be used to help them get a deep understanding of how their products are being interacted with outside of the boardroom – helping you gain actionable insights based on ultra-accurate data.

The process itself goes as follows: 

  • Our tools collect data from a number of different places such as shelf-edge, the store itself and contextual sources.
  • This is then gathered and scrubbed clean, using clever algorithms to ensure you’re getting the freshest data before being thoroughly analysed for your unique goals. 
  • You can then pick and choose which datasets you want to address and collect, compiling them into multiple reports or distilling them into one customisable dashboard for quick and easy info-gathering.
  • Our super-agile solution also provides prescriptive analytics, using top-quality data to offer insights. You can use these to inform cohesive strategies, addressing any issues with compliance or product availability – giving your team more time to get creative while we sort the number crunching.

The main use for our branch of analytics is the way it can help you cultivate better customer experiences, products and in-store journeys up and down the country.

Want to look at all of your outstanding stores or want to comb over one in particular with painstakingly granular detail? We’ve got you covered.

Who said numbers had to be boring?

Why should brands care about retail analytics?

When it comes to making profitable business decisions, retail analytics lays the groundwork that can confirm or debunk your choices.

Our cohesive retail analytics tool can help brands save precious time when it comes to collating crucial details on factors such as inventory levels, shelf-edge and planogram compliance, and the complete customer journey in-store – giving you the latest happenings in its rawest form. 

Don’t believe us? Try our clever ROI calculator to see how much you could be saving with Reapp.

Although we think every inch of our retail analytics platform is drop dead gorgeous, arguably the most attractive aspect for your brand and business is its ability to completely remove the guesswork from what’s going on in-store. 

Gone are the days of having to send someone out to jot all this guff down manually (have you seen the price of petrol?) – as Reapp Analytics can work its magic from anywhere, allowing brands to pivot their focus. 

Want to track stock levels. Got it. Need to understand your offering’s scope by filtering product codes? No worries. With Reapp, it couldn’t be easier to switch and choose, utilising speed without losing out on efficiency.

When it comes to improving your all-around availability, compliance, and revenue, Reapp Analytics is the shining jewel in your field sales solutions crown. 

Which types of analytics does Reapp use?

If you’re looking to create accurate demand forecasts, our advanced analytics can draw on a number of different methods to bring you formidable insights. 

These insights go on to form the skeletons of your sales strategy and competitive plans, ensuring you get the most out of your products and the shops they are stocked in. 

There are four types of retail data analytics that each play an important role in providing today’s retailers with key insights into their business operations. The four different types are:

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

We use a combination of these advanced data analytics to create bespoke solutions for you and your offering. 

They form the ‘who, what, where, why and how’ of your product and consumers interacting with one another, which is often information that gets missed or is accessed months down the line during audits.

Through Analytics, Reapp is able to pull all sorts of numbers from a variety of sources, from which it is cleansed, crunched, and munched through a triple filtration system. 

This data is harnesses in real time, so as soon as your products hit the shelf, we can let you know how they’re faring in the big wide world. 

These details are then lovingly passed over to Reapp Performance, where data is interpreted into meaningful and accurate insights for you to access at any time, from anywhere.

It’s magic*. 

*Based on maths and plenty of technical wizardry. But it’s still rather impressive. 

How do you analyse a store?

It’s easy to think that store analysis is all about counting units and determining how much cash is being spent. 

Well, it is – but it’s so much more than that. 

To analyse a store (or even a chain of stores, thanks to Reapp’s incredible capabilities), we can create a moving ‘snapshot’ of a shop. This is done through multiple data streams, such as EPOS, outstanding KPIs, events and the time of year, weather patterns and even online actions to see what is hitting your shelves. 

From here, we can produce incredible insights harvested from both fresh and historical data factors, building a concise picture that can focus on as much or as little as you’d like. 

By combining the past and the future, we can help you pivot your activity to maximise growth and tap into missed opportunities, giving you everything you need to produce jaw-dropping reports with unmatched tools.

But we get that seeing is believing. 

Explore our range of case studies to find out how we have maximised brand output for some of the biggest names out there. 

You’d be in excellent company. 

Why choose Reapp for my brand?

Reapp Analytics is all about intelligent thinking. We deal in proactive and predictive results produced by a tech platform that cannot be found anywhere else.

We do this by combining the key analytical practices to produce insights that can steer your strategies without falling foul of any issues.

How? Because Reapp’s clever-clogs analytical tools can help you identify any issues well in advance, allowing your brand to rework activity. 

And the same goes for untapped opportunities that you’ll be able to capitalise on. Reapp Analytics is designed to help you squeeze the most out of your in-store presence. 

At Reapp, our software and tools don’t just flag up problems, they give you bespoke solutions. 

It’s nice like that.

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