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All of our hard work behind the scenes results in more of your product on the shelves! Which means you reap increased sales and greater ROI.

Money, money, money: get the most out of your investment with Reapp. 

Moolah. Cash. Wonga. Capital. 

Whatever you call it, our suite of software solutions uses big thinking and even bigger data to solve the things that keep brands up at night. 

Using cutting-edge technology, driven by some of the brightest brains in the business (if we don’t say so ourselves) – we’ve been helping brands and retailers up and down the country make big bucks, giving them crystal-clear insights that inform incredible action.

So whether you count your coins in pounds, Euros, dollars, or Freddo bars, we can help your sales teams get the most out of your products right at the shelf edge. 

It’s never been easier to see exactly how much money we could help you save – all you have to do is pop a few details and top-level metrics into our ROI calculator and let us do the rest.

We’re in the business of numbers, after all. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours. 


Calculate your return on investment

You can begin to get an idea of just how powerful and effective Reapp is by putting some top level metrics into our clever calculator...


No. stores to visit

No. of products to check

Predicated incremental Sales Amounts




Figures shown are based on customer averages and are subject to change depending on your requirements


Case study


ROI increased from £5.48 to £6.52

What is ROI, exactly? 

 ‘Return on Investment’ (or ROI for short) is a term that’s bandied about in multiple industries. But in brand-speak, it’s essentially the juicy figures that marketing programs use to show how their operations are generating investment revenue. This can include: 

  • In-store campaigns 
  • Product launches 
  • Planograms and availability capability 
  • Email marketing campaigns 
  • And much more! 

When it comes to the business of, well, being in business, ROI is a crucial value marker when it comes to determining what is useful activity – and what can be reworked or sent to the chopping block. It’s a great way to see how certain strategies are performing in a real-world scenario, measuring how it is contributing to internal cash flow and whether it’s worth your while in the long run. 

Our Return on investment Calculator gives your team accurate figures on what can be expected if you choose to use Reapp as part of your field sales efforts. All it takes is a few details about your chosen retailers, how many products we’d have to check and we’ll do the rest, producing top-level figures that can lead to top-level results. 

Got your attention? Stay with us to peek behind the blue, cyan and red Reapp curtain… 

How our Return On Investment calculator works

Some things are too good to be kept secret. Your predicted ROI Calculation shouldn’t be one of them, which is why we’ll crunch the numbers just for you, for free. 

Aren’t we nice? 

We make it easy to get an idea of how our solutions can add real value to your operations, using powerful algorithms based on – you guessed it – true-to-life case studies from brands both big and small. You can even have a nosy at them on their dedicated page. 

Using this basis of ROI metrics, we’re able to produce bespoke and accurate figures at the swipe of a mouse, giving you an idea of how effective and powerful Reapp is. 

All you have to do is tell us which retailer you’d like to focus on, choosing from household names such as: 

  • Asda 
  • Tesco 
  • Sainsburys 
  • Morrisons 

Now we have the foundation of our formula, you can then use the sliding scales to create a ‘profile’ for your exact requirements. Whether you have one product to check across fifty stores or ten within 500 scattered up and down the UK, we’ll be able to give you two vital numbers. 

Firstly, we’ll give you the base figures. These are the ‘Predicated Incremental Sales Amounts’, from which we supply the actual amount of ROI you can expect from using Reapp as part of your toolbox. 

No guff, no fuss. Just straightforward numbers that have been pre-crunched and served up just for you. How tasty is that?

If you’re hungry for more, why not find out more about our suite of software by exploring our product pages, or carry on reading for the full lowdown. 

Use Reapp and see how much you can gain from investment

 At Reapp, we develop switched-on software that specialises in super-duper data solutions. 

(Try saying that five times fast!) 

We do this with a suite of incredible products that work together to glean, clean and present information in a way that makes perfect sense, from the analyst team processing the numbers to the newest hire in your marketing group. 

To make sure you get only the best, we harvest figures from a huge range of data from sources within stores and wider influences, such as:

  • Retailer EPOS data
  • Crowdsourced distribution data – Ireland & UK Convenience
  • Data from colleagues in your store of choice
  • Image recognition, taken directly from the shelf and store itself
  • Online data from websites
  • Consumer and Retailer loyalty platforms
  • Customer KPIs
  • Demographic and Census
  • Metadata sources, such as weather, key event, and travel information

And much more! 

Once we’ve finished picking, it’s time to clean it and analyse these delicious morsels of data using only the very best tools available, starting off with Reapp Analytics. That includes AI, computer vision, and specially-tailored algorithms within a Microsoft Snowflake environment, which is then fed into Reapp Performance, which presents all that information in a super easy-to-use dashboard. 

This puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Our mobile-enabled software, complete with image-recognition technology, cuts through the noise to draw out harmonious insights to give you a true glimpse into how your sales and stock is faring in-store.

Of course, your investment options shouldn’t be limited. Performance also allows you to dispatch tasks and priority actions to field sales teams in any store of your choice, keeping you ahead of the curve – with your competitors left reeling. 

But that’s not all. We can also get eyes into smaller stores without EPOS data, such as cash-and-carries through the use of Reapp Rewards. This additional product incentivises small but mighty retailers to take photos of purchase receipts or the stock they currently have on the shelf, giving you a glimpse into how your products are performing within the little-less-known. 

So if your products are on the shelf, make that initial investment work for you by getting the most out of their potential – including all that untapped data that’s fresh for the taking.

After all, these streams of numbers certainly play a major role in making customers happy for brands and the retailers they frequent. 

By providing actionable insights and completing retail health metrics, you can identify investment opportunities for revenue growth and brand awareness. You can even reposition activities that just aren’t working for you. 

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

Treat yourself to a demo and discover how Reapp can help you get the most out of your data.

Choosing Reapp 

You can reach any of your goals with Reapp, no matter how high they may be.

Through a combination of analytics and newly sourced data, we can transform the performance of your products and the presence of your retail stores.

It’s something we’ve gotten rather good at over the years, having developed industry-leading AI technology that can get to the bottom of your toughest marketing queries.

Reapp’s dashboard can be used directly for advertising and promotional campaigns, so your brand stays on the pulse of what your audience is interested in.

You can use these numbers to determine which products are going to make your consumers talk, which will help you supercharge order processes by providing tangible directions.

In an ultra-competitive market, where relevance is everything, you can make bold moves that satisfy your consumers’ desires.

This information can be used in many ways, giving you insight into concepts that are really hitting home with your target demographic and actively improving their customer experiences – or helping you dodge what’s not.

In short, our data solutions give you the power to shape activity that will get proven results, allowing you to position your brand on reliable statistics.

Think of analytics as the one-stop solution for saving you time, money and energy, raking back those investment costs and more.

Didn’t you hear? The days of lost revenue are over with Reapp. 

Let us help you elevate your FMCG offering with our game-changing analytical tools.

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