January 31st 2023

The benefits of using a brand loyalty scheme in the convenience sector

As the cost of living crisis continues to impact consumers in the UK, building brand loyalty is more important than ever for brands in the convenience sector.

Consumers are looking to re-evaluate their purchasing patterns and opt for the brand that offers them the best value for their money, which means that retailers need an incentive to stock your brand on their shelves.

Reapp Rewards allows your brand to keep track of what retailers are buying and where and rewards them for taking part. It highlights their core ranges and shows you who your customers are and how to reach them, driving loyalty by allowing you to talk to thousands of small retailers at scale.

Read on to discover the benefits of using a brand loyalty scheme and find out more about how our Reapp Rewards program can help you to gain loyal customers.

What are the benefits of brand loyalty for brands in the convenience sector?

Customers expect a flawless shopping experience in the fast-paced world of today, and convenience stores are no exception. Offering a loyalty program is one approach to make sure that the retailer’s experience is easy and rewarding.

Digital loyalty schemes are increasingly popular in the convenience industry since they boast a number of advantages:

Increased retailer retention and repeat purchases

Loyalty programs encourage retailers to make more purchases from your brand, which in turn boosts customer retention by showing shoppers that your brand is a reliable and trusted option.

By implementing a brand loyalty scheme like Reapp Rewards, retailers are able to keep customers interested and coming back by offering incentives for repeat business off the back of the rewards and incentives they receive from the brands themselves.

Enhanced retailer and customer data collection and analysis

Digital loyalty schemes allow brands to gather and preserve retailer and customer information thanks to cutting-edge image recognition technology that gives you insights into what’s happening on the store shelf and beyond.

With these useful insights into retailer and consumer behaviours, the experience for both of these parties can be enhanced to preserve brand loyalty over time. What’s more, brands can use this unique data to increase sales and inform marketing tactics for improved results across the board.

Increased retailer engagement and interaction

Digital loyalty programs allow brands to communicate directly with retailers and connect with them on a personal level. This gives them a more personalised purchasing experience that encourages them to choose your brand over competitors.

Brands can give retailers a wide range of promos and offers that are tailored towards what matters most to them, which entices them to interact with the brand on a regular basis and purchase from them time and time again.

Improved customer experience and satisfaction

Customers feel rewarded and recognised when they participate in loyalty programs, which enhances their overall purchasing experience and encourages them to return as loyal customers in the future.

By offering a rewarding and hassle-free shopping experience, brands can increase customer satisfaction and keep customers loyal.

Increased brand recognition and customer loyalty

Using a customer loyalty program provides brands with the opportunity to develop a powerful brand identity and a loyal customer base.

Potential customers will be more inclined to shop with a retailer whom they have had positive experiences with, and these relationships with customers are built through incentives and rewards that brands themselves initiate.

More targeted marketing and promotions

The platform provided by digital loyalty programs allows brands to implement tailored advertising and incentives. Brands can increase the likelihood of a sale by sending retailers customised offers and promotions based on the purchasing habits of customers.

Competitive advantage over non-participating retailers

By offering a loyalty scheme, brands stand apart from rivals who do not offer the same level of rewards and incentives.

Loyalty programs can be a major selling factor for retailers to draw in new clients and boost brand recognition by offering unique rewards, giving the brand a competitive edge in the local market.

Opportunity for upselling and cross-selling

Brands have the chance to upsell and cross-sell products by utilising digital loyalty schemes, as they can encourage retailers to purchase products they wouldn’t usually choose to stock. This can be done by offering incentives for buying certain products, ensuring that a broader range of the brand’s products end up on the store shelf.

Increased customer feedback and insights

Retailers can express their opinions and thoughts through digital loyalty schemes, giving brands useful data that can be used to influence key business decisions. Brands can utilise this data to enhance the customer experience and modify the loyalty program based on direct input from the retailer.

What’s more, allowing the retailer to share their feedback and acting on it as swiftly as possible demonstrates excellent customer service, ensuring retailers stay loyal to your brand.

Introducing Reapp Rewards

Now you’ve heard the benefits, you’re probably wondering how you can take advantage of them yourself. The answer is simple: Use Reapp Rewards!

From initial distribution to retailer habits and practices, Reapp Rewards gives a comprehensive perspective of the product path, providing you with useful data that helps nurture your working relationships with independent retailers.

Choose from a variety of focus areas, such as identifying supply and demand gaps, observing competitor activity, or paying attention to price, point-of-sale distinction, and packaging.

Additionally, you can analyse your competitors’ products and your chosen products in a flash, literally, by using the apps’ built-in image recognition technology.

But that’s not all. Reapp can identify opportunities regionally and, if they spread beyond the reach of your field team, can provide assistance thanks to our contact network of over 41,000 UK convenience merchants.

Are you curious about what Reapp Rewards might offer you? Contact us today and we’ll direct you to an exceptional brand loyalty solution!

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