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Our Performance software gives your field teams the power to order and direct stock at the touch of a button, plus delegate prioritised actions – fueled by image recognition technology – to ensure that your brand is readily available and ready to sell like hotcakes.

How it works

Performance is the ‘to-do-list’ of Reapp

Performance’s suite of products can provide your field team with super-fresh and helpful insights, as well as work allocation (handily called Allocate) – so your crew can easily stay on top of tasks via the Reapp app.

Snapshots works in harmony with Allocate to make quality checking survey results as efficient as possible, ensuring all jobs are closed, performance is tracked and compliance is being maintained – thanks to custom reports. Need something sorting fast? These two have your back. 

But that’s not all. With Vision, you can access cutting-edge image recognition technology to view shelf stock levels and tap into super-fresh data straight from the shelf. That means brands can drive in-store performance and identify upcoming problems to deliver proactive solutions, offering maximum ROI for every call.

Stay ahead of the sales curve with Order, that uses top tech to complete stock and gap counts using our straightforward mobile app in store. This makes workflow even easier, while replenishing and preventing stock issues before they happen. It’s a kind of magic.

And the best part?

All that shelf-edge data captured while your team is in-store can be fed back into Reapp’s suite – creating a virtuous circle of real-time data that gives your team crystal-clear insights, wherever and whenever you need them.


Performance actions that are easy to see.

Reapp Performance can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. This could be monitoring promotional compliance, capturing gaps in availability, tracking competitor activity or even pricing, pos and packaging differentiation thanks to Reapp Vision.

So how does this work? Well, data is captured, processed by Vision and then presented in your own bespoke dashboard. This laser-like insight means you know the current conditions and surroundings of individual products instantly, and with the help of Allocate, can give you full visuals on what actions need to be taken!

Easy peasy.


Unrivalled investment and innovation

We’ve invested over £10 million in our data and tech platforms over the last 5 years. This software can not be bought anywhere else. Like that famous retail saying “We don’t make products for anybody else!”

We’ve applied a mobile first strategy to create cutting edge solutions that require minimal customisation. This means you can be up and running quickly and really stealing a march on your competition.

Making complex actions, really simple

Reapp Performance empowers brands with clear actions and insights, using automated actions to give field teams at the shelf edge – well, a real edge. It does this through a Microsoft Snowflake environment,  saving you bags of time and, most importantly, cash.

This real time data, at the point of purchase, ensures your field team maximise availability and compliance efficiencies in store, every time.

This is exactly what we mean by making the complex simple, and the unseen, seen.

Nipping problems in the bud.

Reapp Performance means you can spot problems before they become, well, problems. Using object recognition and AI tech, Performance uses Vision to ensure all data issues are identified, fixed – while working hard to spot any new ones.

Meaning you can outperform the competition.

Better performance. Less effort!

For brands Reapp Performance provides real time actions for field sales teams to maximise availability and compliance efficiencies in store.

Real time data ensures ultimate efficiency in store and that field teams are always focussed on the biggest opportunities, maximising your ROI with every visit.

Calculate your return on investment

You can begin to get an idea of just how powerful and effective Reapp is by putting some top level metrics into our clever calculator…

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Case study

Innocent Smoothies

Report pulling previously took up to 60 minutes on average - now takes only 2

Reapp Performance.

In the immortal words of Bananarama, ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it – and that’s what gets results.’

Although they weren’t singing about retail insights, campaign activity or even crucial shopper behaviour, we can certainly agree with the statement. 

That’s why we created Reapp Performance.

You see, Performance offers a deep understanding of data. Of course, while we love numbers – just call us Carol Vorderman – we also know that you need actionable insights fast and the ability to drill down exactly where it’s needed.

Our amazing solutions crunch everything for you at the press of a button, giving your team game-changing overviews into a standalone store or even your entire retail portfolio. 

How do we help you make marketing magic? 

In short, these instant insights are produced from data squeezed directly from touchpoints throughout your store, giving you detailed analysis that can steer your marketing activity in the right direction.

Think of it as a straightforward SatNav, taking you through the consumer landscape by producing retail health metrics exactly where (and when) you and your team need them. 

So, when it comes to getting the most out of the data that’s already at your fingertips and making sense of what’s happening at the shelf edge, Performance can give you the ultimate edge over the competition. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the proven results we’ve nabbed for some of the biggest retailers and brands out there. 

The proof is in the pudding and all that.


Transform your operating model with advanced analytics

No matter how dizzyingly high your targets might be, Reapp Performance can help get you there. 

Using a winning combination of analytics and freshly sourced data, we can produce competitive insights that can transform product performance and your in-store presence. 

It’s something we’ve gotten rather good at over the years, having developed Vision, our industry-leading AI technology that can get to the bottom of your toughest marketing queries.

Wondering how shopper expectations match up with what’s on the shelf? We can source that for you. Worried about compliance in-store? Already on it. Need to ensure inventory can meet consumer preferences? No biggie. Need to do a quick pulse-check on brand health? We’ve got the specs, doc. 

Whatever your chosen query, Reapp can produce incredibly accurate analytics from billions of data units harvested from crucial sources, condensed into simple reports that can be accessed from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

With dynamic visualisations, agile data collation and smart technology that understands the questions brands are asking, we can help you make sense of a the marketing landscape quickly and effectively.

This is especially handy for those keeping an eye on multiple ‘targets’, helping you keep a close eye on crucial in-store margins without losing sight of the bigger picture. 

So when your sales team needs to make big decisions – whether that’s by smoothing out operational issues or finding out where business processes could be even more productive – analytics and retail insights can supercharge your product offering. 

From inventory and shelf to basket and check-out, Reapp gives you everything that’s needed to make informed choices that create lasting revenue and returns. 

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  


Using retail insights to supercharge your campaign strategy

At Reapp, Performance is the ‘do-er’ out of our unbeatable suite of analytical software.

By pulling hidden figures from untapped sources (you’ll be surprised how much information you’re stacking on those shelves), we can create invaluable, actionable insights that anyone on your team can understand. 

These can be whizzed over to a field team through our app, who can start making moves through prioritised actions – so you know exactly when and where optimisation is set to occur. 

You can also download your bespoke reports into Excel or as a PDF, so everyone on your team can get a load of the marketing magic that’s happening on shelf-edge and track changes in real-time.

You see, retail insights and analytics are all about using big data in tandem to fuel big changes. 

We can help you boost customer retention and the overall customer experience in a number of stores up and down the country, as well as assisting with crucial supply chains and pricing. 

Usually, we deal with data used in large quantities to help retailers and brands alike dot the dots between current industry trends, interactions and associations. These are marked by three Vs – or the ‘V Factors’ – which are as follows: 

  • Volume 
  • Velocity 
  • Variety 

But what does this mean for retail sales? 

Well, the more delicious data we can fit into our software and, in turn, eyeballs and brains, the better we can get our heads around how your products are faring in a saturated market. 

It also gives you the opportunity to understand your consumers up close, discerning what draws their attention over the competition before tackling them head on.

What a Performance!

By using industry-leading AI technology and image recognition software, we can capture data from your teams live in technolocolour, making sure teams based in-office or on the shop floor can get the most out of inventory levels and stock placement through the use of smart object identification.   

Working in perfect harmony with Reapp Analytics, Performance sets its sights on any issues or roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching those all-important KPIs and then smashes through them – spotting, chopping and mopping them up in one fell swoop. 

With a winning combination of this forward-thinking solution created by true industry experts, Reapp Performance is the result of brilliant brains thinking big about brands.

Just try saying that three times fast. Phew.

Why choose Reapp to help your retail performance?

Reapp Performance goes the extra mile without the extra effort. 

When you need real-time insights, actions and overviews to provide your field sales teams (whether you choose to enlist the help of an outside company or use your own), we give you a complete roadmap to help you solve compliance issues and boost availability at one – or a number – of locations. 

Reapp lives and breathes data. We use this to present your brand with the very best opportunities when it comes to maximising revenue, boosting your portfolio and your overall product health.

We harvest numbers at the most vital pulse points of your store, such as EPOS and the shelves themselves, offering you crystal-clear visualisations as to what’s happening and where you need to go next. 

Whatever your focus, we can pull it into view. With the ability to pivot from wastage, brand numbers, availability and store numbers at the drop of a hat, Reapp’s flexibility and speed is what makes us so darn good.

And we aren’t stopping there. The more our software crunches, the better our market insights become, allowing you to understand the tiny changes that make huge differences to your buyer’s journey.



A great Performance… every time

Listen, we talk big because we deliver even bigger. Don’t believe us? 

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