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Reapp is a cutting-edge tool designed to support both brands and retailers in their pursuit to drive sales and efficiencies in store – saving you all time, money and burned-out braincells.

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Supercharging your stats with retail software

At Reapp, we use retail software to put actionable field data straight into the hands of retail businesses up and down the country. 

Trying to crunch the numbers of your products in any of your physical stores can seem like a daunting task – let alone if you’re trying to get a full sense of what’s happening on shelves up and down the country – which is why we do all the hard work for you. 

So when smart retailers need to make faster decisions, it makes sense to turn to Reapp. 

The Reapp retail analytics platform provides deeper sales and stock insights in a matter of seconds, supplying businesses big and small with the data they need to succeed in the form of dynamic visualisations and truly customisable dashboards.

Our suite of cutting-edge retail software solutions helps you power through sales targets with real-time, ultra-rich data, squeezed fresh from a number of sources across the shop floor and beyond.

With advanced features and billions of figures, translated into reports that everyone in your team can understand – we get that not everyone speaks geek – we’ve created a business solution that drives innovation quickly and efficiently.

This ain’t drivin’ Miss Daisy. If you’re going to harness the power of shelf-edge data, you may as well Reapp the Rewards.

And Analytics and Performance apps, while you’re at it. 

Have we got your attention? 

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Performance of a lifetime

Special things happen when we work together in harmony. 

When it comes to scanning the retail environment to produce real-time insights, Reapp Performance gives you the groundwork to make the amazing happen. 

By supplying your retail business with actionable points, crafted from the latest pieces of data, you can get a complete sense of how your offering matches existing compliance plans – and understand how you can elevate your offering. 

Reapp Performance is numbers-led and numbers approved.

Once we’ve poured this data into Reapp Analytics – our mind behind the magic – you can then use our interactive dashboard to access in-depth reporting that makes sense from the get-go. 

We’re not all talk, though. 

When those actions come through, you’re calling the shots. 

Whether you’re looking at a particular store or hoping to restring your strategy as a multi-location retailer, you can scramble field teams to get those vital boots on the ground. Share your reports from the touch of a button, so teams up and down the country can understand where these actions are coming from and can actually harness the power of ultra-rich, ultra-speedy data.

Whether it’s compliance fixing, data-led interventions, or an all-around audit, we can help you create incredible change at the touch of a button. 

At Reapp, our confidence is backed by success stories that truly speak for themselves.

To give you a full sense of how our solutions can boost your customer experience – and power your revenue – put us to the test by calculating your return on investment with our cutting-edge calculator. 

Working across a variety of retail processes – if you’ve got the metrics, Reapp can have your money making mad moves.

That’s a good thing. Want to see Reapp in action?

Explore our eye-opening case studies and find out how we’ve brought big bucks to even bigger names.

Reapp Analytics: Retail software that opens the lid on real-time sales

Big brains, big gains. 

If you’re looking for contextual, real-time information with all the bells and whistles, Reapp Analytics will give you the insights you’re after. 

Whether you need crystal-clear information to shine a light on the past, present or even the future, Reapp’s analytic thinking can deliver crucial data points that allow retailers to pivot their distribution and marketing promotions at the right time.

With Analytics, you are able to improve key factors such as consumer experience, inventory management, and issues within the supply chain – helping you quickly oversee what’s happening and where. Filter your results on a granular level before zooming out for the bigger picture with year-on-year tracking, comparisons and more, for super-quick and super-engaging data that does all the talking.

But it’s not all alarms blaring. 

If your stores are missing a trick, Reapp’s eagle-eyed retail software can also spot untapped opportunities to boost sales.   

We’ve seen it time and again. Stores that use Reapp revolutionise their entire business, using its clever-clog capabilities to go above and beyond with quick and seamless insights.

We know the retail management ecosystem is one big beast. Analytics can help you get it purring. 

Read how we’re making heads turn across the retail industry here.


Rewardingly clever retail marketing solutions

Life is all about Rewards. For retailers, look no further than our handy app – perfect for those who are working across the convenience sector. 

All you have to do is sign up to the app and get snap-happy with your receipts, in-store displays or take pictures of your latest purchase from the cash and carry.

You’ll be helping brands get a clear snapshot of what customers love right from the shopfloor, turning your shelves into amazing sources of data – just by clicking a button. 

For these crucial insights, we’ll give you a monetary reward with every photo you submit. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. 

At Reapp, we’re more than inclined to agree. 

Picture-perfect recognition technology

We utilise cutting-edge image recognition technology to paint a complete picture of customer preferences and product distribution, helping you figure out new and exciting ways to innovate your offering. 

But we also know that each retailer is different. That’s why Rewards is fully customisable, allowing you to zoom in on a number of points depending on your area of focus.

Looking for retail software to boost your sales? Look no further than Reapp

Unsure whether your packaging speaks to customers? We’ve got you. Want to bridge that pesky gap in the market? Let us get the planks. Keeping a keen eye on the competition? We’ll fetch the binoculars. 

With Reapp, you’ll get instant access to all these factors and more with our intuitive results dashboard. It’s easy to use and super straightforward when it comes to spelling out the facts, dispensing all the delicious data in a way that makes perfect sense to you, your marketing team, the board… and probably Linda down the street. 

Is that not enough to convince you?

We’re also well on our way to becoming a BCorp-certified business, which means we’re constantly doing our bit to save the world around us. 

We’re incredibly proud to be recognised as a Carbon Neutral Company and are accredited by ClimatePartner, which means that having Reapp on board your operations is a win for you – and a win for the planet. 

No big deal. 

Get in touch with our team today to see how Reapp can transform your retail offering.


Our Products

Real tech. Real data. Real easy!

We’ve developed a suite of bespoke, cutting edge software apps that will empower brands and retailers to smash their sales targets. We do it by gathering the very best data from a wide-range of sources and then simplifying that information into decisive sales actions at the shelf edge


Analytics is the brain of Reapp. Use Insight to harvest data from all sources, and view all that crucial retailer data in a suite of powerful, comprehensive dashboards. Share across your board with a click, or access those numbers at any time, any place with a feature-packed report. Ready for action? Spotlight delivers them through our bespoke software so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field to deliver real results. With buildable reports for bespoke analysis, track granular data down to store and product level with a single click. Clever, right?

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Tap into leading image recognition technology with Vision, or supercharge your processes with Allocate to send prioritised actions to field teams regardless of location and size. Our Performance suite keeps you ahead of the game, with Order allowing your teams to replenish stock while on the job, keeping everything tickety-boo - even while you’re on the clock.

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We reward consumers and brands, with dedicated platforms that empower you with piping-hot data for cucumber-cool relationship building. For brands, our cutting-edge promotional software collects data direct from the retailer, giving you real-time insights into what products your customers are buying, where from and how. And for your consumers, build the perfect loyalty program (while capturing first party data) to keep those good vibes goin’.

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