September 14th 2023

Welcome to Reapp: The ultimate FMCG toolkit.

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to completely redefine our product line-up to broaden the opportunities for you to maximise the benefits you can get out of actionable data.

We’ve broadened our product range and organised them into 3 buckets.

  • Analytics, where we focus on data and use it to drive results.
  • Performance, where our collection of apps enables field teams to perform at their highest level with unmatched productivity.
  • Rewards, where we enable brands and retailers to better understand who’s buying their products through the collection of first-party data using loyalty schemes, competitions and more.

We want Reapp to feel like a comprehensive suite of tools built with FMCG in mind, for Retailers and Brands alike. Keep reading to learn more about how our product line-up has evolved.


Reapp Insight

Reapp Insight was built for your head office colleagues. Using retailer data and external data sources, such as weather and temperatures, Insight provides a clear, top-down view of your product, promotional and NPD performance, through clearly presented dashboards to help you understand your supply chain and navigate any issues, present and future.

Our team has recently re-designed Insight to offer a simplified user experience, meaning you can now find clear answers to your questions, quicker than ever. Check out our Innocent case study and see how they’ve saved hundreds of hours a year thanks to Insight. With Insight at your side, your brand could really harness the power of data.

Learn more about Insight and see it for yourself with our free trial. 

Reapp Spotlight

Similarly, to Insight, Spotlight uses your brand’s retailer data, but this time, putting it into the hands of your field team – offering actionable insights on a store-by-store basis. Using Spotlight, your team can drill down into one store’s performance and use that data to maximise productivity at the shelf edge.

Spotlight can be combined with Kantar data so you can view product performance against the category, allowing your team to have conversations in-store with confidence.

Check out Spotlight here and discover how it could revolutionise the way your field team works.


Reapp Allocate

Reapp Allocate is our fieldwork allocation tool, developed originally to support our 3,000+ strong field team. We’re not greedy though, so we’ve turned it into an app that can now also work for you. Allocate works in 2 different ways:

  • Work can be assigned to specific members of your team in the field to complete.
  • Work can be offered to the field team members and allow them the opportunity to accept whenever they want.

For offers, users can set preferences such as how far they’re willing to travel, what kind of transport they use, and their availability, so they only see work they’re likely to want to pick up. Users can also filter based on the type of work and date that the jobs are live from and to.

Have you got jobs that require specific training only some of your team have? Allocate has you covered with its skill-based assignment and offer system. Admins can group users by skills and jobs will only become available to users if they meet skill criteria.

Learn more about Reapp Allocate and the applications it could have within your business here.

Reapp Order

Order enables merchandisers to capture real-time, accurate inventory and capacity information across product lines, specific to each store. This generates an order report to replenish stock and ultimately prevent stock issues before they happen.

The value this brings our customers is that they’re always ahead of the curve, ultimately, it’s your field team that’re the closest to what’s happening in store. If they see an increase in demand or a drop in availability, they can react immediately and push more stock into that store to prevent lost sales due to inadequate stock levels.

Our customers have seen up to 130% month-on-month sales growth as a result of implementing Order into their store visits. Find out more here.

Reapp Rewards

Reapp Rewards for Retailers

Provide incentives to independent convenience retailers to stock your products, whilst collecting data on how products are ranged, understand share of shelf space vs competitors, and gain a clearer picture of your supply chain lifecycle using Rewards for Retailers.

Our Rewards app is used by over 2,000 independent retailers across the UK and this number is expected to grow to 3,000 by the end of the year. Rewards is a win-win since you’ll be incentivising more retailers to stock your product line and you’ll be receiving all of that juicy data to see a part of retail that was previously unseen.

Check our Rewards for Retailers here and learn more about how you can get your hands on this game changing insight.

Reapp Rewards for Consumers

Using Rewards for consumers, we can build any loyalty scheme, rewards programme, or coupon system to your exact needs. Not only will you see results in your sales, but also get access to first-party, credible GDPR-compliant data, providing valuable insights into your consumer base.

We’re working on some very exciting projects, with some brilliant brands and we can’t wait to share that success with you!

Reapp Vision

Visions AI Image Recognition technology uses photographs taken at the shelf edge to provide actionable in-store insights for your field team. By pairing Vision with Insight, drive productivity and efficiency in-store by taking the unknowns out of store visits.

Don’t let your competition get ahead

Reapp continues to evolve and become not only more powerful but more important for you to be equipped with. Look out for our upcoming blog posts where we’ll cover each product in-depth and provide a real insight into the kind of results you could expect to see working with us. As always, if you’re looking for further information about any of the products covered here, why wait? Contact us here.

September 14th


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