Spotlight: The Ultimate Data Tool

Spotlight is an advanced data analytics tool that enables your field teams to make confident decisions with data-driven, actionable insights. 

With Spotlight, you can say goodbye to the complexities of field marketing, streamlining every brand that dares to embrace Reapp’s cutting-edge business approach. Spotlight is the ultimate data tool, priming your business for  unparalleled success in the modern world. Want to see how it works?


Spotlight Connects With


Store-specific insights for your field team

When wielding Spotlight, you can forget the guesswork. 

Your field teams are armed with the latest in-store data, giving your brand the support it needs. Long gone are the days of poor decision-making based on simple guesswork – with Spotlight you have a dynamic arsenal of tools and metrics, pushing your business to new heights in no time.

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Prioritise stores that need attention

With Spotlight, your field marketing teams can strategically plan their workload, tackling danger stores and products that need more attention. Spotlight also provides huge time and cost savings, giving you actionable insights on demand.

Instead of wasting time in-store crunching the numbers, our innovative tech solutions empower your team with the knowledge to act decisively, before they’ve even set foot through the door.

Efficiency is redefined with Spotlight, propelling your brand’s performance in no time!



Arm your field team with confidence

When using Spotlight,  there’s no need to struggle with those tough in-store conversations. Instead, you’ll get a range of razor-sharp insights, enabling your field team to make confident decisions when needed.

When using our amazing retail analytics tech for your brand, you’ll gain a range of actionable insights:

  • Rate of sale
  • Availability
  • Promotional compliance

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as Spotlight offers an immersive data experience, supercharging your field marketing campaigns with ease.

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A range of impressive features

Spotlight is one of our top tech solutions, enabling FMCG brands to win every battle within the retail arena. Instead of juggling a number of retailer dashboards and reports, all your essential information is consolidated in one place, making those big decisions a breeze.

Your field team is armed with powerful weapons from the start, using cold, hard facts, instead of uncertainty and guesswork. Say goodbye to panic and stress – instead, you can take a proactive approach, identifying those stores and items that need an extra helping hand. Once the data has been analysed, you can start making the necessary changes, boosting your in-store performance in the process.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features Spotlight has to offer:

  • Spotlight is specifically designed for field teams – Your teams can effortlessly navigate and load insights in-store with just the touch of a button. Load Spotlight onto any device to view high ROI actions, backed by insightful data.
  • Load additional data streams – A wide range of data streams can be added with Spotlight. 3rd party and category data, such as weather forecasting, can be utilised effectively to see the big picture.
  • Build a competitive workforce – You can track performance by analysing a host of impactful metrics against previously agreed KPIs. Combine this with Insight’s job offers scheme, and you’ll never need to worry about your team.
  • Unlock important store-specific insights – Clear, store-specific insights can be discovered to influence better decision-making in-store.

When using Spotlight’s powerful analytics tools, you can really transform your business operations!

Discover a world of actionable insights

As any modern brand knows, data is king in the world of retail. Understanding the performance of your products and in-store promotions is the golden ticket to success. With Spotlight, navigating the world of retail has never been easier. Spotlight offers a variety of data-driven, actionable insights for your field team, driving ROI and efficiency in store:

  • Target the stores and items that need additional support – Increased productivity and reduced costs are just two of the many benefits that Spotlight provides, enabling you to focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Store-specific actionable insights for field teams – ROI can be maximised on every visit, ensuring your field teams focus on the most valuable actions
  • Arm your field team with actionable insights – Better outcomes are actioned via clear and simple insights, influencing your key decision-makers in-store.
  • View and compare KPIs against individual and team targets – Performance is driven via individual, store and team KPIs and leaderboards.

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Data-driven triumphs: The Lindt story

One of our key players within the world of field marketing is chocolate pioneers, Lindt UK. The introduction of the High Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) legislation in October 2022 posed a significant challenge for the brand:

  • Volume price promotions (such as multibuy) were banned.
  • Restrictions were placed on the displays of HFSS products in prominent store locations.

These issues had a direct impact on Lindt UK’s business operations. 

However, our sister team at Tactical Solutions stepped in to help. We gained access to automated actionable visual insights from the client’s store, SKU and daily sales and stock data. Through the use of Spotlight, diverse tabular data formats were transformed into standardised, insightful and actionable store-specific data. BDMs with the ability to identify precise issues and opportunities were introduced, having a major impact on the brand.

Let’s take a look at the outcome:

  • Increased product availability – By using Spotlight, availability was driven up by 5.6%, leading to an additional £405k in sales.
  • A new sense of direction – Spotlight empowered Lindt UK to provide much needed direction, based on key criteria like out-of-stock (OOS) instances, low stock and availability trends.
  • An incorporated KPI dashboard – Lindt UK gained access to an impressive incorporated KPI dashboard, measuring their performance against agreed live targets within Spotlight.


Don’t just take our word for it though – see what Steve Aconley, BTD Operations Executive at Lindt UK had to say about Spotlight:

“Reapp Spotlight has revolutionised our planning and processes on two critical fronts. Firstly, our field team can now build on our credible conversations and proactively identify opportunity stores to maximise ROI. Secondly, our Operations team has completed our yearly planning more efficiently than ever before.

The time-saving benefit of using Reapp Spotlight is immense. By consolidating all main Retailers EPOS data in one automated location, it has saved me 85% of the time previously spent running the same reports."



At Reapp, we understand that implementing new tech can be tricky. Big business decisions may seem daunting at first, but at Reapp, we’re all about simplifying the process.

We’ve created this section to help answer the big questions you may have when using Spotlight. However, if there’s still a spark of curiosity after reading through our FAQs, please make an enquiry with our expert team.

How many users can I have on Spotlight

Spotlight is completely scalable to suit your field team. This means that you can have any number of users, depending on your needs and your budget.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today if you have any additional requirements.

How many retailers do you connect with?

We currently connect with ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op. Our data refreshes whenever the retailer pushes new data out, so you can guarantee it’s as up-to-date as possible. We even have a status page, giving you a clear view on when each data stream is refreshed.

If you pay for other data (such as Kantar), we can incorporate this into our dashboards, giving your teams an understanding of how the whole category performs. 

Why is Spotlight so important for my brand?

When working within the retail arena, ensuring your field teams are at peak performance is a must. However, that’s often much easier said than done, presenting a challenging process for many brands.

With Spotlight, the work is made effortless, collating all the data your field teams need into one handy package. Data can be collected, analysed and delivered in bite-size reports, empowering your teams to make data-driven decisions at just the push of a button. 

Instead of relying on simple guesswork, you can use your data to your advantage, measuring the performance of your products and promotions on the go. A wide range of additional data streams can be loaded, giving you all the information you need to push your brand to the next level.

Combine that with our other impactful data analytics tech offerings, and you’re really onto a winner!

What other tech solutions are available?

At Reapp, we span the entire retail spectrum, offering a complete suite of services and tools that can maximise the performance of any modern brand or retailer.

Your brand’s success? That’s our specialty.

Spotlight lies at the heart of our Analytics offering, providing a range of data insights that can be tailored for your in-store warriors. Spotlight ensures real-time in-store tracking and swift, impactful adjustments, designed to lead your field marketing team to the big stage. 

Pair Spotlight with its savvy counterpart Insight and you’ve got the ultimate data analytics powerhouse, pushing your brand to the next level.

But that’s not where the story ends!

For aficionados of rewards and promotions, our Reapp Rewards solution is the jackpot. It features two amazing platforms – Retail Rewards and Consumer Rewards, tapping directly into retailer data. When using Reapp Rewards, you can dive into powerful promotional campaigns and offers, supercharging your sales in the process.

With Reapp Performance, you can elevate your insights game, providing crystal clear clarity into your sales, stock and team performance. Reapp Order empowers your field team to predict the needs of your customers and brand ahead of time, whereas Reapp Allocate enables you to effortlessly streamline your workflows, sweetening the deal with enticing job offers. 

There’s never been a better time to go Reapp!

Why choose Reapp for my brand?

Smart thinking is the cornerstone of any modern business. At Reapp, we embody the very principle of business intelligence, using our arsenal of advanced tech products and innovative solutions to propel brands and retailers towards tangible success.

Innovation is our driving force, crafting bespoke solutions to push the performance of your business, delivering palpable results that redefine your status in the modern marketplace. With our number-crunching, data-driven approach, we can unlock premium business opportunities for every client that embraces Reapp.

When wielding our powerful tech, we can guide you to the perfect field marketing strategy, creating solutions before challenges even arise. 

Sound good? Let’s get cracking.


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