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Reapp is a cutting-edge tool designed to support both brands and retailers in their pursuit to drive sales and efficiencies in store.

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We’re Reapp – the smarter way for brands to get actionable insights on what’s happening at shelf edge.

When you need competitor intelligence, boosted advertising strategies and additional reports that can supercharge your offering, our technology knows no limits. 

Using over 3 billion units of ultra-fresh and super-rich data, sourced straight from your stores up and down the country, our suite of incredible software is designed to streamline business operations with insightful reports – saving time, money and all that good stuff.

Looking to supplement all of your marketing efforts using our super-smart audience insights tool? Or perhaps you’re after image recognition technology to help you get a sense of planogram adherence in a chosen region? 

We can pivot to suit you. 

See Reapp as your window into the wonderful world of shopper insights. 

Whatever you want to hone in on with your target audience, whether that’s simple monitoring, conversion rates or even which methods of payment they prefer, we’ve got agile dashboards and custom visualisation tools to suit your brand’s needs

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Browse our case studies and discover how our analytics tools have helped brands make amazing things happen.



What is a healthy brand?

Doctor doctor, give me the news. 

If you’re looking for some TLC ahead of a launch or giving an existing marketing strategy a bit of a once-over, getting crucial insight on products, real customer shopping behaviour and a clue as to your top-selling items is key for optimum brand health.  

Defined by Deloitte as a “measure of how well a company or brand delivers on attributes of a product it promises customers… especially how they are perceived by customers in terms of quality and delight”, keeping real-time tabs on how your offering shines on the shelf can help your brand in the long term.

Of course, it takes hours of analysis, plenty of data resourcing and a good helping of noseying about in order to create valuable insights that help you stay on top form. 

Luckily for you, that’s where Reapp comes in. 

We’re like your own personal prescription, treating pressure points and painful spots within your sales pipeline, advertising activities and in-store presence. 

Open your mind and say ‘aaaaah’.

So… what is analytics, and why is it used for brands?

Pay attention everyone, class is in session. 

Essentially, comprehensive analytics – in particular, brand analytics – are the lifeblood of any successful brand and their product portfolio. 

When it comes to making critical, long-lasting decisions that give you the ability to stand out in a hyper-saturated market, brand analytics are the real-life factors that help inform strategies and important choices. 

When you begin to implement actionable insights gleaned from industry-leading solutions, like Reapp, it’s a bit like giving a bunny cheetah food. 

Prepare for previously plodding product lines to be revitalised, with items shooting off the shelves and making new homes in customer’s baskets. 

By tapping into a wide variety of data sources, such as promotional materials, electronic points of sale (EPOS), planogram compliance contracts and shelf architecture, we can help you get the bigger picture. 

Got questions about inventory levels? We can help with that. Want real-time numbers showcasing product demand? Way ahead of you. After insights about your core customer behaviour and, most importantly, what their rate of interaction with your product catalogue is?

 Easy as pie.  

Check out the latest news and discover how our apps work seamlessly together to produce innovative reports and amazing insights, helping you smash through your marketing goals and send your ROI sky-high.



Analytics trusted by top brands, actions loved by customers 

We know size doesn’t matter.

But big brands need big analytics – which is what Reapp has in spades.

Our Reapp Analytics platform can pick over billions of granular pieces of information and sift it into delicious morsels, helping you sharpen your focus over certain areas with truly dynamic reports. With up to 150,000 rows of data at your fingertips, these customisable dashboards can be shared with the brains who need to be in the know, cutting out the middleman and empowering your workforce with the juicy details.

If you want an overall snapshot of what your products and customer base are doing, or would rather zoom in on requirements such as competitor insights, product numbers, year-on-year-comparisons, pricing differentiation or packing margins, we’ve got the perfect lens in which to view ’em.

Once we’ve levelled our sights, core data is picked, plugged and processed into Reapp Analytics’ rather large brain and then translated into plain English on your dedicated dashboard. 

There’s no need to have your marketing team worry about collecting data by schlepping from store to store – you’ll get the whole picture with just the touch of a button.

When you need crystal-clear clarity, our brand Analytics breaks below the surface and finds out exactly what’s going on. 

Find out what Reapp Analytics can do for your brand, today. 

Clever performance, smarter solutions

It was old Shakey P that said, “All the world’s a stage.”

And we agree with him. That’s why our Reapp Performance software is powered by action and reaction, creating intelligent insights that can be harnessed by your marketing team with a few simple clicks. 

Wherever you’ve got performance targets to hit – no matter how ambitious – Reapp is able to scramble field sales teams to address any immediate problems, helping you get results fast and truly excel. 

We do this by utilising industry-leading AI and machine-learning technology to get a full scope of your inventory and stock levels directly from the shelf. 

This gives you the power to prevent problems before they come into play, sourcing data that circles back into Reapp’s intelligent Analytics platform for seamless reporting.

Find out how much money you can save by using Reapp’s dynamic software – simply input a few key metrics into our handy little calculator to get a good picture of your ROI. 

You won’t be disappointed.


Reapp the Rewards… with the click of a button. 

Life’s sweeter when you get something back.

That’s why our Rewards app is able to offer you crucial visibility straight from the retailer’s shop floor – especially in smaller-scale convenience sectors that don’t use EPOS or other ways we typically track data.

“But how can I figure out how my product is faring in these stores?”, you cry.

Don’t sweat it. Rewards has you covered.

By incentivising hard-working retailers to take snapshots of their shelves, displays and cash-and-carry orders, Reapp Rewards can give you true-to-life insights straight from the shelf. 

If you want the lowdown on the who, what, where, why’s and how’s of your products in-store, Reapp Rewards whips the details directly from retailers. 

You can then use this data to scope out the competition, pinpoint opportunities and capitalise on untapped areas where they know their product can thrive – all thanks to a few handy photographs directly sent from the store. 

Sounds pretty rewarding, if you ask me. 

Book a demo with our team today to explore all the ways Reapp can boost your brand. 

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Real tech. Real data. Real easy!

We’ve developed a suite of bespoke, cutting edge software apps that will empower brands and retailers to smash their sales targets. We do it by gathering the very best data from a wide-range of sources and then simplifying that information into decisive sales actions at the shelf edge - saving you time, money and greying hairs.


Analytics is the brain of Reapp. Use Insight to harvest data from all sources, and view all that crucial retailer data in a suite of powerful, comprehensive dashboards. Share across your board with a click, or access those numbers at any time, any place with a feature-packed report. Ready for action? Spotlight delivers them through our bespoke software so that real decisions can be made in real time in the field to deliver real results. With buildable reports for bespoke analysis, track granular data down to store and product level with a single click. Clever, right?

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Tap into leading image recognition technology with Vision, or supercharge your processes with Allocate to send prioritised actions to field teams regardless of location and size. Our Performance suite keeps you ahead of the game, with Order allowing your teams to replenish stock while on the job, keeping everything tickety-boo - even while you’re on the clock.

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We reward consumers and brands, with dedicated platforms that empower you with piping-hot data for cucumber-cool relationship building. For brands, our cutting-edge promotional software collects data direct from the retailer, giving you real-time insights into what products your customers are buying, where from and how. And for your consumers, build the perfect loyalty program (while capturing first party data) to keep those good vibes goin’.

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