Rewards for Retailers

Rewards gives you the power to see what retailers are buying, where from, and what with. 

With over 3000 retailers on one app, source unseen data for super-accurate insights – all at the click of a button.


See the unseen

With Reapp, your brand can get the data you need from stores that were previously invisible.We know that a significant lack of EPOS sales data in the convenience market can make your day-to-day difficult. After all, these insights give you a better understanding of: 

  • Distribution habits
  • Retailer preferences
  • Consumer behaviours

And more! Luckily, this is where we come in. Reapp Rewards incentivises individual retailers to share photographs and complete surveys which can provide valuable insights for your brand. That gives you super-precise data on previously untapped sources – squeezing the very best from shelves, no matter where they are.

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Big problems? Bigger solution.

Getting accurate insights from retailers – big and small – can feel like biting off more than you can chew.

But with Reapp Rewards, we can help you accurately source data from a network of over 3000 retailers, so you’ll never have to second-guess your convenience performance. Tasty.


Lack of data?

When a lack of EPOS sales data makes it difficult to understand distribution, retailer and consumer behaviours, we can help.

Zoom in with cutting-edge tech.

Rewards’ efficient distribution capture utilises the latest cutting-edge technology to empower your brand with a targeted, data-led approach to distribution growth. No messing around, here.

Lack of loyalty?

When your retailers aren’t loyal, you’re stuck with deal-focussed stores that are always on the hunt for the next best thing, with frequent brand-switching. 

Maximise your connections

Our digital platform allows you to communicate with retailers, maximising both brand distribution and Loyalty. The best bit? This increases ROI for distribution and promotional activity – making your partnerships more profitable.

Need ROI?

Sustainable distribution growth can be a challenge for brands’ ROI, especially those working with a smaller outlet size, lower rate of rale, and reduced brand loyalty.

Unlock data-driven insights

Use Reward to unlock deeper insights into retail, category and consumer behaviours, so your brand has the best data for creating sustainable growth strategies.

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Discover more about your distribution and supply chain

Using cutting-edge technology to fully understand convenience performance, our intuitive app gathers data about your products, directly from convenience retailers.

Target key data points to learn about your product distribution

Get images of your product lines on the shelf, invoices from wholesalers and POS compliance for super-accurate data sourcing.

Incentivise stores to stock full product lines for greater rewards

Perfect for pushing retailers to stock your newly launched products for greater ROI, customer loyalty – and all-round profitability.

Understand convenience in more depth than ever before

Easily scan invoices for purchase frequency, giving you a clear overview where retailers buy from, for how much and their product variety.

Ensure POS compliance

Incentivise retailers to use POS correctly and stock the most relevant products, ensuring your line shines. Learn how Rewards can benefit your brand. Get a free demo today!



How many retailers are on your platform?

We are approaching 3,000 independent retailers on our rewards platform. That’s a huge pool of potential stockists that could promote your brand via the Rewards app!

Talk to us to learn, by putting up a small reward for retailers, how you can expand your reach and understand your stock journey.

What kind of data can you collect from retailers?

Using Rewards, we can collect images of invoices, receipts, displays, POS, and more. Even if the information you’re looking for across your convenience stores seems finite, Vision can help glean data straight from the shelf – giving you super-accurate insights that might have otherwise been missed.

Can I use other Reapp solutions to help?

Reapp is a suite of bespoke software apps that give brands and retailers the power to smash their sales targets. We do this by gathering data from a wide range of sources – such as receipts and images from incentivised retailers – before simplifying that information into decisive sales actions at the shelf edge.

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