Cool approach sees £680k Retail Sales Value growth for Unilever


sales increase - Tesco


sales increase - Sainsbury's


sales increase - Co-op


total RSV growth


The Overview

Ensuring sales don’t melt away

Unilever wanted a boost to their frozen dessert portfolio performance in the managed convenience market (including Co-op, Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s local and NISA). For a number of year’s they had been working the same old way, and it had left them feeling less than cool. Journey plans were fixed, store objectives were centralised, and ROI was low. It was far from a data led approach and offered little growth potential for the company in a highly competitive market.


Introducing Reapp. We slid into Unilever’s DM’s and made ourselves known, showing them the true potential of actionable data.

Firstly, our Insights Team used Reapp Analytics to eat up all the data and identify stores with the highest sales/lowest compliance. This then enabled us to create a more dynamic journey plan for the field team, figuring out how we can put this super-fresh data to use by producing easy live reports in areas that needed our attention. With Reapp Analytics, there’s no wastage – as our intuitive, bespoke dashboards and solutions delve deep into the areas that need work and scoop out all that good stuff. 

There’s no need to lick the spoon. Thanks to our at-a-glance dashboards and custom features, we serve up everything a hungry brand needs.

Reapp Performance, was then introduced to the team to identify live data issues (LSV alerts) and areas of underperformance. This empowered the teams with store specific information and opportunity data to maximise efficiencies with each and every call.

By ensuring we had the right person, in the right place, at the right time, Reapp created ice cold insights that enabled clever decision making, without a brain freeze, leaving both the customer and their customers feeling very satisfied.


Case study


>40% vs KPI across the field team

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