August 25th 2023

Alcohol-Free Beer Prices Have Doubled in UK Supermarkets

New data from our insight team reveals that the price of alcohol-free beer in UK supermarkets has almost doubled over the past year. According to our analysis, a multipack of a leading alcohol-free beer brand rocketed from £4.28 in June 2022 to £8.13 in June 2023. That’s an increase of over 90% in just 12 months.

This shocking price hike comes even as sales of alcohol-free beer have risen 68% during the same period. Our data shows the biggest sales boosts came around “Dry January,” when more health-conscious consumers resolve to cut out alcohol.

“Alcohol-free beer is becoming essential for more shoppers seeking to moderate their drinking,” said Commercial Director, James Lamplugh. “But we’re also seeing 90% price rises on multipacks hitting these consumers hard in the pocket.”

The takeaway? While interest in non-alcoholic beer continues to grow, brands are taking advantage of this trend to charge a premium. Consumers seeking to cut back on alcohol may find themselves paying a lot more for the privilege.

August 25th


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