September 6th 2023

Back to School Agony: Lunchbox Essentials Leap by 20% at Start of New School Year

  • The average prices of the five essential items in kids’ lunchboxes have increased almost 20% Y-O-Y as British families prepare for back to school, our data reveals.


Parents are facing more pain at the start of the new school year with new data revealing the price of lunchbox essentials has rocketed by 20% in the past twelve months.


Our latest analysis shows that bread, yoghurt and biscuits have seen price hikes across the board in the nation’s supermarkets.


Yoghurts have seen the highest price increase, with an increase of nearly 28% since 2022.


These prices are driving shoppers to cut back on the dairy product as sales have fallen nearly 17% since 2022.


Chocolate snack prices have also increased by a quarter (25%) since the same period last year.


Sweet treats are the first to go when cutting corners on the lunchbox, with sales of chocolate seeing the highest decline across the categories of nearly 25%.


The average price of loaf bread has also inflated by 16% Y-O-Y, with mayonnaise and biscuits seeing an almost 10% increase, Reapp data shows.


Today, the total price of a typical school lunchbox is now £1.92 up on £1.60 during the same time last year.


Commercial Director, James Lamplugh, commented: “As the school gates reopen, our latest analysis shows that the cost of a modern lunch box is increasing considerably, as families across the country continue to feel the pinch of inflation.


“With school lunch boxes under threat, the rising costs are reflective of the larger struggle shoppers are facing with spiralling costs of everyday essentials during the cost of living crisis.”


September 6th


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