May 29th 2024

Beer sales set for £66m kick during Euros footy frenzy

  • New data from Reapp predicts that sales of major beer brands are set to see more than a 17% increase during the Euros this summer


Beer sales are set to surge in Britain during the 2024 European Championships this summer, as retail data experts Reapp predict a £66m uplift across major supermarkets.*

Using AI predictive analysis from the previous tournament held in 2021, shoppers are expected to purchase 6.7m more units during the tournament (14 June -14 July) at an average price of £9.77.

Brits are set to go all out and enjoy the competition from home with frozen pizzas also predicted to sell 11% more units compared to 2021.

Reapp analysis also predicts that snacking such as crisps will see a considerable increase in performance, with an extra 1.2m units sold that could generate more than £2.2 million sales value.

James Lamplugh, Reapp Commercial Director, said: “It comes at no surprise that categories such as beer and snacking are set to see considerable growth this summer.

“Inflation is a massive factor when comparing how shoppers behaved during the tournament in 2021, as well as more and more brands offering diverse product innovation to satisfy HFSS regulations to boost sales.

“Reapp’s predictive analysis is fascinating to see and it is helping so many brands and retailers understand how to prepare ahead of the summer.”

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