March 22nd 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Londoners lack the taste for low-no boozing


Residents of the East Midlands have the biggest thirst for non-alcoholic beer, drinking EIGHT times more of it than Londoners, new data shows.*

Analysis by retail data experts Reapp has found that East Midlands takes top spot with 15% of sales this year to date with the capital at the bottom with just two per cent.

Yorkshire and the Humber are in second place, amassing over 13% of total sales volume, closely followed by Scotland at 12%

After London, the South East and South Coast (8% combined) are the areas with the least taste for booze-free brews.

Approximately 17% of Brits cut out alcohol altogether for the 31 days of January 2023 – with many opting for alcohol-free alternatives during the popular Dry January spell.

The data also reveals that the weekend was the busiest period of low-no alcoholic beers dashing from the shelves, accounting for over 40% of average daily sales.

Reapp Commercial Director James Lamplugh comments: “Following a huge percentage of Brits choosing to participate in Dry January, suppliers within the low-no alcohol beer sector have seen sales flourish across certain parts of the country.

“Lower sales volumes in London and the south demonstrates that significant variation in demand for the category across the UK.

“Our insight also reflects the impact the recent government restrictions have had on our shopping habits. Restrictions such as HFSS and the cost of living crisis are now accountable for the way we spend our money in supermarkets, as the focus has shifted more to necessary items rather than luxury products.”

Reapp Infographic Map 3

March 22nd


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