November 2nd 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Confectionery sales fall in October following HFSS legislation introduction

New data reveals confectionery sales drop in October, despite peak of sales for Halloween

Following the HFSS Legislation, which restricts high fat, sugar and salt products by location across UK stores, which came into place on 1st October 2022 – one major confectionery supplier has seen sales volume overall for the month of October fall by 1,191,503 units (3.98% decline in sales volume) from 2021 to 2022 – even though there was a Year-on-Year increase in sales around Halloween.

Despite the overall drop in confectionery sales in October new data released from retail data app Reapp, reveals individually wrapped confectionery1 was the winner of Halloween treats this year – compared to the same period in 2021.

James Lamplugh, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Reapp said; “Our latest data shows the immediate impact HFSS has had one major supplier of confectionery. Whilst it is obviously doing what the legislation intended, it will be of concern to brands and retailers who will look to maximise shelf space, and more importantly availability on shelves to counter the limitations made with this new legislation.”

Data from Reapp also reveals that Saturday 29th October saw peak sales of confectionery over the weekend prior to Halloween with a 52.11% increase on Year-on-Year sales.

This year’s Halloween saw a 158% rise in average sales volume compared to October 31st last year, with the top 3 highest sales volume regions remaining the same Y-O-Y from 2021 to 2022 (London, North West & Scotland), however their position within the top 3 has changed:

  • Highest Sales Volume Region for 2021 = London (869,122 units sold)
  • Highest Sales Volume Region for 2022 = North West (867,667 units sold)

Halloween 2022 saw many drops in sales volume across top regions, with London dropping from ranking top in 2021 to third in 2022 (the highest sales volume drop of all regions, with a 12.38% drop in sales volume).

Scotland saw the highest rise in sales volume, with a 14.35% increase in sales volume, followed by Northern Ireland, with a 13.88% rise in sales volume Y-O-Y.

Regional Halloween Sales

November 2nd


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