March 8th 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Data reveals surge in frozen veg sales as fresh veg shortages continue


British shoppers are stocking up on frozen veg in time for their Sunday roasts as fresh vegetable shortages continue, new data shows.

Retail data experts Reapp have seen a surge in sales of frozen veg on weekends at one major British supermarket – with a 20% year-on-year uplift. Almost £150,000 worth of additional sales have been made in 2023 alone.

The week ending 26 February saw a 47% year-on-year uplift with additional sales of £28,000 – as supermarkets struggled to fill shelves with fresh veg.

Nationwide shortages of fresh veg have been blamed on unusually poor weather in Spain, with fears the current cold snap could prolong the issue further.

Reapp commercial director James Lamplugh said: “Our analysis of recent supermarket shopping patterns show that the nationwide veg shortages have prompted the public to stock up on frozen alternatives.

“With this trend strongest on weekends it suggests shoppers may be filling their freezers out of fear further shortages could impact on the best meal of the week – Sunday lunch.”

March 8th


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