March 8th 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Healthy options surge at the start of 2023


Retail data expert, Reapp reveals shoppers are cutting out sugary and fatty foods for healthier alternatives this year

Britain’s shoppers are filling their baskets with healthier options in 2023, new data demonstrates.

Plant-based milks, meat-free alternatives and healthy snack sales have all surged, retail data expert Reapp reveals.

Their analysis shows that sales of plant-based milks are up by seven percent since December – with sales strongest in the South West. Average sales values there of £13,000 contrast with the lowest of just £7,000 for the North West.

Sales values of plant-based ready-to-drink coffee are also up by the same seven per cent volume since December.

Meat-Free alternatives continue to show growth with sales volumes up by four percent over the six months between September 2022 to February 2023.

And following the introduction of HFSS regulations, consumers are increasingly turning to the Healthy Snacking category.

Sales of healthy snack bars are already 11 per cent higher in 2023 when compared to the last four months of 2022.

James Lamplugh, Reapp Commercial Director, said: “Healthy alternatives are proving increasingly important for Britain’s shoppers, as well-being continues to inform our buying decisions.

“We’re seeing clear growth across this category with healthy snack bars surging, while plant-based milks and meat-free alternatives continue a strong upwards trajectory.”

March 8th


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