October 28th 2022

The benefits of omnichannel retail software

Omnichannel solutions are seemingly everywhere nowadays.

But what exactly is somewhat ominous-sounding omnichannel retail software, and how can it help you? 

As a plain-talking provider of bespoke retail software, we are here to shed light on this potentially omni-confusing topic – jargon not included. Sorry waffle fans.

After all, we love to make everything as simple, transparent, and understandable as possible. 

What is omnichannel retail software?

In order to fully understand omnichannel retail software, we will break this down into three sections: omnichannel retail, omnichannel software, and how the two combine together. 

What is omnichannel retail? 

Whether a user makes an online purchase or visits a brick-and-mortar store, or uses mobile devices or a computer, every aspect of the customer journey – including branding, marketing, stock, and shopping experience – should be consistent. 

An omnichannel approach to retail is a retail solution that aims to improve consistency across the full customer journey. An omnichannel operation is as it sounds – it uses advanced technology to provide a seamless experience, covering all sales channels possible. 

For example, omnichannel ecommerce ensures that customers will get the same experience and level of customer service as that offered in physical stores. It also ensures that customers can switch between communication channels without any disruption, no matter the device used. 

Smart stuff.

What is omnichannel software?

Omnichannel software is – as you might have guessed – software that supports an omnichannel strategy (we are geniuses, we know). Thanks to resilient cloud technology, all retail channels – that’s both online channels and offline channels – are streamlined into one piece of software. 

As technology advances, and more and more people are looking for instantaneous results, omnichannel software is becoming increasingly popular – from unified communications right through to unified sales technologies – serving the entire business, top to bottom. 

What does omnichannel retail software consist of? 

  • Data collection – Data collection helps to build up a customer profile from product discovery and purchases through online and offline sales channels. This will inevitably improve the experience for customers, as it will allow you to personalise the customer journey to meet their needs and tickle their taste buds. 
  • Data analysisAnalysing data will give you real-time insights into offline and online sales, allowing you to understand customer demands, customer experiences, and customer engagement more effectively.  
  • Sales tracking – POS systems are an essential element of every retail business – even better if these systems can also give you accurate product information and a real-time product availability portfolio in order to track stock management. 
  • Stock management – Keep an eye on all stock coming in and out of your retail stores. This will allow you to optimise how you stock products and improve supplier management. 
  • Customer experience – Some omnichannel platform integrations might also include communication technology. If so, you can use this to track, analyse, and thus improve customer support consistently across the customer service team. 


Reapp Analytics harvests data sources

How is omnichannel implemented in retail?

An omnichannel approach can be applied to almost every aspect of retail – from warehouses and stockrooms to actually getting the products off the shelves, and even for those working behind the scenes at their desks. 

As providers of retail software, we can help you to boost sales and ROI across the board. But, how can omnichannel be implemented in retail environments? 

Let’s take a look at what omnichannel software can do, where it can work, and for who it works best.  

Retail management software

Omnichannel software can be implemented as part of retail management. This can optimise all aspects of your retail business, from stock to packaging, marketing to branding. 

Customer service software 

Omnichannel customer service allows customers to contact you in any way they see fit. If they swap over to a different mode of communication, the service will not be disrupted in any way, improving customer experience and overall efficiency. 

Business management software 

Want to track who is doing what, and when? Or, have you got teams working remotely? As omnichannel software is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time, allowing you complete control and flexibility in your business. 

Why is omnichannel customer experience important?

Just to recap, an omnichannel customer experience is when the customer’s journey is seamless and uninterrupted from start to finish, even if they switch channels. 

Now – as you can see – we love data. So, let us take a look at some of the most revealing statistics about why an omnichannel customer experience is important. 

Let’s take a quick look at what the stats are saying…

Firstly, an omnichannel experience is important when it comes to customer service, as 33% of people globally state getting their issue resolved in one interaction (no matter the length of time) as the most important aspect of good customer service, according to Statista

An omnichannel customer experience is also important when you have both an ecommerce store and a physical store. In fact, a Google survey found that 46% of shoppers will check what stock is available online first before popping down in person

Omnichannel analytics can also provide huge insights into buyer behaviour, allowing for more personalisation. And, 91% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that offers them personalised recommendations and offers.  

And, for the pièce de résistance, if you weren’t already convinced, according to the Harvard Business Review 73% of people use more than one channel for their shopping. This shows that a single channel customer service is no longer an option – so roll on omnichannel offerings. 

So, now you know why an omnichannel customer experience is important for retail businesses big and small. But how can Reapp assist you? Well – you read our minds…

How can I use Reapp to deliver optimum results?

Reapp collects and sources awesome data, allowing you to make awesome business decisions. Our versatile AI-driven analysis software suite can transform your business strategy, boosting sales with a careful eye on your stock levels. 

You can use Reapp to optimise your results in the following ways. 

Stock and inventory management

Reapp can help you to ensure that your stock levels are accurately maintained at all times. Our shelf-edge data uses image recognition software in store to determine any gaps in availability. 

This data is then fed into Reapp Analytics to provide continuous real-time data about products across channels. Thus, you will be able to make real decisions in real time about when (and when not) to stock products, levelling up your inventory management – thanks to intuitive dashboards that give you all the information you need at a glance.

Sound good? Get in touch with Reapp today to book a demo.  

Omnichannel marketing strategy 

Reapp can be used as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy to improve consistency, performance, personalisation, and much more. 

For example, our software can track data and movement across a number retail channels, locations and products. This gives brands the power to pick and choose what they’re keeping tabs on, from promotional compliance to overall wastage, saving time and money with actionable insights.

In addition, these analytics can highlight marketing differentiation, allowing you to improve overall cohesion across all marketing channels. 

To optimise ROI in offline stores and online stores alike, book your demo today with a member of our team

Branding and sales 

Branding is key for online channels and in-person stores alike, which is why it is crucial branding is consistent across all channels. Reapp can help you to monitor branding and pick up any packaging differentiations. 

Our software can monitor omnichannel sales across industries, tracking both your own and your competitor’s activity in an easy and intuitive dashboard. Tuck and tweak datasets to find the best data for you and your business, or drill down deeper for more granular insights.

In doing so, your retail business can see what works, what doesn’t, and what can set you apart from the crowd – you might even make a new product discovery.

You can also receive pricing insights – do your competitors sell similar products for a cheaper price, for example? These actionable insights help you to make real-time decisions that will optimise your sales. 

Want to optimise your branding and sales? Speak to a member of the team to book your demo today


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Why choose Reapp?

Why choose us, you ask? Because we are magic!* 

*(Well, we aren’t really – but we do have a super software solution that is so clever it might as well be! Move over, Harry Potter and Co.)

But what we lack in magical prowess, we more than make up for in our magical insights. From top-quality metrics to automated analytics, all neatly packaged into one singular complete retail date solution – you want it, we’ve got it. 

Reapp blends together bespoke software, innovative technologies, and top-notch experience in the industry. Thanks to this, we are proud to have offered award-winning results for clients past and present

Let the shelves do the talking with real-time results

Clocking the shelves and customer engagement, Reapp will provide you with real-time actionable insights, helping you make real-time decisions that will drive real-time results. It really is as simple as that. 

Put simply, we make complex actions incredibly simple and bring the unseen into the light. This allows you to ensure that you are analysing and monitoring all data, all day, allowing you to spot and fix any issues as soon as they arise.  

It’s efficient, it’s simple, it’s effective – and, it’s tailored to your needs with a bespoke performance dashboard. 

For whatever reason you are looking for retail software, make sure you Reapp the benefits.

Get in touch to find out more about how Reapp can help you – or, see for yourself by booking a demo today

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