Reapp delivers ahead of target across the Field Force for Kellogg's

> 40%

vs KPI across the field team

> 250,000

Delivered interventions

The Overview

Rising and shining results

Kellogg’s engaged us to extend their FSR coverage across the Top 4. 

Reapp Analytics provided Kellogg’s FSRs and our Tactical Team with a bespoke call file to supplement the existing Kellogg’s teams store visits. We also created data led scorecards that provide specific LSV and opportunity data, thanks to dynamic visualisations created through Analytics’ bespoke capabilities.

Reapp provided powerful insights that enabled smarter decision making at all levels, allowing brands to choose exactly what they want to focus and draw data from – meaning that time and even data wastage is a thing of the past. 

These powerful insights led to the growth of online sales, staycation strategy, and new channels.


“The agile, professional and ‘can-do’ attitude of the teams we work with, alongside the tech capabilities and a real desire to grow, speaks volumes.”

Charlie Foster - Head of UK Field Sales, Kellogg’s



Kellogg’s have operated a team of 60+ FSRs within Top 4 Grocery for many years, calling on a set call file each week. Our partner engaged us to provide a Data Led Tactical team that extended coverage across Top 4, extra support for key seasonal events, promotion and NPD support, and improve overall KPIs across the Field Force.

Our Insights Team used Reapp Analytics to create a bespoke call file for our tactical teams to supplement the existing Kellogg’s teams store visits. Primary support was via our Syndicated Grocery Team with additional coverage via our Flex Team for key events.

Reapp remains at the heart of our partnership, providing both the Kellogg’s and Tactical teams with dynamic, data led scorecards. The scorecards empower both teams with store specific LSV and opportunity data to maximise efficiencies whilst in store.

Reapp is also used to create powerful insights that enable smarter decision making at all levels. Since our partnership went live we have created several unique solutions including how we adapted to the growth of online sales, staycation strategy, and supporting their brands within new channels such as Co-op.


Case study


RSV increased by £14.5k in 3 weeks

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