January 17th 2023

Meat Alternative Sales Dropped as Beer Topped Shopping Lists at Christmas

Source: Meat alternative sales dropped as beer topped shopping lists at Christmas (


Frozen meat alternative products saw a decline in volume sales over Christmas 2022, while beer, chocolate and snacks topped Brit’s shopping lists, new research shows.

Despite meat alternatives having risen in popularity for Veganuary, according to analysis of the Christmas sales period by data experts Reapp, in December volume sales were down as consumers looked to purchase festive staples such as alcohol and chocolate.

In the six week run up to Christmas, over one million units of beer were sold with a sales value totalling more than £7.5m.


While 21% of beer sales were made in the four days to 25 December, over 110,000 units were sold in Scotland, with 117,000 in the North West and more than 100,000 in London.

Across the snacking category last minute buying increased by over 10%, whereas chocolate was purchased in advance of the big day as sales values indicated a year-on-year increase by 6%.

“The data suggests more favourable of the ‘smaller luxuries’ on offer, likely due to the cost of living crisis,” Reapp Group sales and marketing director, James Lamplugh said.

“People are still willing to allocate extra money for these categories, even with increased prices across the board on staple Christmas dinner items. The data also supports our previous predictions that beers, snacking and more would be the standout winners this Christmas.”




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