Rewards for Consumers

Get closer to your customers by building the perfect loyalty program and capturing first-party data.



Use loyalty schemes, competitions, giveaways and more!

Reapp Rewards for Consumers is a simple, straight out-of-the-box solution collecting credible, GDPR-compliant, first-party data. 

With this data, your brand can develop a deeper understanding of your customers. With fully customisable insights for bespoke reports and incentives to boost shopper retention, Rewards makes sure everyone is happy, from the shop floor to the marketing suite.

After all, no two brands are the same. So why should your loyalty schemes? Speak to our friendly team today!


Run any kind of loyalty scheme with Rewards

Reward users for entering high-value data, giving a better understanding of customer behaviour, demographics and product distribution – all while making them happy! So what kind of rewards can you deploy with Reapp?

Loyalty Stamp-Card

Reward customers for their loyalty by letting them collect digital stamps for receipt submissions. Your users can then collect and redeem stamps for discount vouchers or free products!

Prize Draw Giveaways

Promote a giveaway on your products or POS and allow users to enter a prize draw for high-value Rewards. From games consoles and football/concert tickets to a holiday – the sky’s the limit!

Digital Discount Coupons

Offer discount coupons when your customers sign up to marketing newsletters or create an account with your brand. This can be a great way to remind your user-base about your brand, staying at the front of their mind whenever possible. It’s also a useful touchpoint if sent out regularly.

Free product giveaways

Releasing a new product line, flavour or even a fresh new take on your brand? Why not incentivise customers to give it a try by offering a freebie or two when they sign up to marketing emails?

Make sure to promote this on your product and POS via a QR code for the best results. That’s an easy set-up, for easier rewards.

Understand your customer like never before

Rewards is the complete solution when it comes to connecting customers with your brand. With Reapp, setting up impressive loyalty programs with long-lasting results has never been easier, thanks to intuitive technology and smart data collection. 

That’s a smooth set-up with plenty of perks.


Customer loyalty made easy

Rewards makes creating customer loyalty schemes, rewards programs, and competitions easier than ever – all while collecting vital pieces of customer data and marketing details.

Collect demographic information to understand customers

Zoom in on your customer’s geolocation, product preferences, age, gender, email, and much more.

Understand distribution better with geolocation data

Collect images of receipts to understand your customer’s shopping habits and complete product distribution, thanks to super-smart technology.

A perfect GDPR-compliant loyalty and rewards solution

Don’t sweat it. Our GDPR-compliant, first-party data ensures all your campaigns follow EU GDPR guidelines.

Target existing customers with re-marketing campaigns

Use customer contact information in future marketing campaigns, so your materials are always on-trend and on-time – without having to start from scratch.

Streamline your shopper activation tech in a matter of days and unlock a direct relationship with your customers. Drive loyalty and engagement with user-friendly, exciting brand campaigns.


What kind of campaigns can I run using Rewards?

We’ve had brands use a range of different campaign strategies to obtain customer data. 

This ranges from: 

  • Discount coupons
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Prize draws 
  • Giveaways

But it’s important to remember that Reapp Rewards is a flexible tool, designed to work for you. So if you have any bespoke campaign requirements, please contact us to scope these out! We’d be more than happy to help.


What kind of data can you collect?

Reapp Rewards can collect any consumer data you’re looking for, including, but not limited to date of birth, gender, name, contact information, country, and product preferences.

Rewards can also collect information such as receipt images, photographs of products in use for marketing purposes, or even geolocation data, to see where products are being consumed most.

Why choose Reapp?

Great business decisions are built on great data. And great data is sourced by Reapp.

Put simply, Reapp is a suite of intelligent analysis software and tools designed to help businesses score sales and better manage stock. Reapp Analytics – Insight and Spotlight – create quick and easy automated reports, while Performance makes it easy to action field sales teams and tasks from anywhere. 

With Rewards offering great incentives for consumers and retailers alike,  Reapp is a complete solution for brands and businesses who need crystal-clear data without the fuss. 

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